How This New Company & Show Will Help You Too

Accidental Information (AI) has been around for a long time. But today we’re all-new, and I’m aiming for something special.

Let us inspire and entertain you

We’re an entertainment company. Or call us a media company. It’s the same to us. Because really, we’re storytellers. The important thing to remember about us is our goal – to tell stories, and to inspire and entertain you. We’ll do that by creating original shows in various mediums, and you can expect a focus in podcasts and video series.

Storytelling is more than a buzzword for me and for AI. It’s a term that allows us to use any medium or channel we want. It also allows us to go deeper, be more interesting, funnier, and so on. I also recognize stories come in all different forms and I’m very excited to push my creativity, stretch my purpose and love what I create and share with all of you. I also hope others will join our network and share their goodness too.

My journey is about your journey

Our launch show, Living Your Journey is the catalyst to shifting my journey to inspire and entertain. This show was born from my desire to try something new – to follow a passion I’ve always carried with me.

During a hike one day I kept thinking, I wish there was a way to help others follow their passions and embrace the journey they’re on every day. And then I realized, there was nothing stopping me.

I figured out I was not the only one that may be shifting their career, their life, and could use some inspiration and help along the way. I know I don’t have all of the answers to help everyone. But I sure do know a lot of people that can offer advice and inspire just by telling their journey. I was also sure there were a lot more people beyond my network that would want to help me in this kind of storytelling.

Now it’s time to pause my story and cue the subscribe plea – Go subscribe to Living Your Journey wherever you listen to podcasts. Please and thank you.

My journey is also about entertaining you

Inspiring others is important to me, and so is making people laugh, and having a good time. I knew when I thought about inspiring people, I couldn’t only do that. It’s of course important to me. But so is my love of making people laugh, being a bit irreverent, and providing an opportunity for us to relax a little. If you enjoy both, then you’re in a for a treat.

More shows are coming

Living Your Journey will continue each week and I hope becomes a favorite amongst our new fans. If you reading this after the show has been up for a while, go ahead and share your favorite episode with a friend. We’d love it.

Two more shows are in the works at the moment. One is close to being launched and the other needs some work. You can expect some fun entertainment, and of course more stories to inspire us all.

The more support we gain in our shows, the more we can produce new ones, and we really want to create more. So if you like what you hear and see, tell us about it. Or tell your people and make your people, our people.

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From me to you, thank you. Thank you for joining me on this adventure. I hope I make something you love. Now let’s go make the world a better place, one story at a time.