Embracing Life’s Experiences & Clues: Vanessa Stump’s Bonus Content (Living Your Journey)

Following Vanessa Stump’s interview, check out the pictures of her close encounter with the whale, her Baja trip and a childhood clue about following her passion – all mentioned in her episode.


If you haven’t listened to Vanessa’s Living Your Journey interview, go listen to that first. It provides the context for this bonus content. In the conversation she talks about the opportunities and lifestyle her photography career has created. Not only is she able to create amazing art and stories through her photos, she’s also able to aim and achieve for life’s goals.


A Whale of an Encounter

Vanessa was invited to take a trip to Baja mid-week. Anyone in a 9 to 5 job knows that this would require getting approval from your boss to take the time off, a plan that was made ahead of time, sometimes finding someone to cover your job, and a real possibility of not going at all. Since Vanessa manages her own schedule and company, she can make trips and experiences like this happen fairly quickly even in the middle of the week. This is just one example of the experiences Vanessa wants to have in her life.

“Baja was great,” said Vanessa. But the amazing part of the trip was her unplanned encounter with a magnificent whale that literally swam up to her boat. If you’ve been whale watching and have seen whales swimming or even breaching, you know these creatures are unique, graceful and absolutely huge. Imagine seeing a whale close up and then touching it. This is what Vanessa means by life experiences. She wants to see and feel the beauty in the world.



In addition to becoming best friends with a whale, Vanessa also captured other shots of her time near the water in Baja. These are just a few she shared with us. These pictures make us want to become photographers and go exploring as soon as possible.



Realizing Your Passion Early in Life

Another story Vanessa mentioned in her interview, was her early interest and love of visuals. Vanessa had recently found a photo of herself looking at a magazine as an early child, almost proof of her obsession with visuals, photography and magazine. This is no surprise to use. We believe there are typically hints of your passions starting very early in our lives. The trick is to discover them in the moment. Luckily we convinced Vanessa to let us share that childhood picture – and it’s all things adorable.


Vanessa Stump – An Early Magazine Connoisseur


Over to You

Assuming you’ve heard Vanessa’s story and now have seen an example of her life experiences, do you have any questions for her?

Regarding Vanessa’s childhood picture, do you have any clues or hints that have led you to follow a passion? Or has this idea given you some thoughts to go back to your childhood and look for clues?


Most of us probably have clues peppered throughout our life. We just need to look carefully – for the things we lost track of time doing and effortlessly loved in the moment. If you find any, let us know. And believe us, they’re there.



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