Bonus Content: Chris Gaida’s Living Your Journey Episode

After Chris Gaida’s interview, see a few fun extras – the cheeky commercials that relaunched his book and even a hot dog named after Chris’ book, from the legendary Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood. 


If you haven’t listened to Chris’ Living Your Journey interview, go check it out. Otherwise let’s talk about a couple extra moments of fun around Chris’ book.

Pink’s Arm Candy Hot Dog

Hollywood is known for celebrities, movies, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and so much more. Pink’s Hot Dogs is definitely a part of that much more as an anchor of Hollywood, and can be found on most visitors’ must-visit list. If you’re not familiar with Pink’s, be sure to visit their site and check out the menu and photos for a clever look into their Hollywood stardom.

In January 2016, Pink’s Hot Dogs named a hot dog after Chris’ book, the “Arm Candy” hot dog. It does seem like a fun way to be recognized, and also fitting for Pink’s niche hot dog market. It’s also the second time Arm Candy received the honor from Pink’s. Chris must be doing something right. Here’s a couple photos of the most current dog naming.



Arm Candy Commercials

Arm Candy was re-issued in January 2016 with an additional chapter about Hollywood’s response to his book. To celebrate the launch, two commercials we created. Both are light and fun. The first with with Raquel Pomplun is especially saucy and cute.


Over to You

Chris is definitely having fun sharing his experiences in Hollywood. These extras are clear evidence of it.

If you’ve listened to his interview you know it’s his curiosity that drives him. His book is just a fun visible result of that curiosity and his love for entertainment.


Back to Chris’ interview, what captured your attention? We’re you surprised by anything? Or what should we go back and ask Chris? Share your thoughts below.


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