Behind-the-Scenes: Tina Zettel’s Living Your Journey Episode

Before and after the interview, Tina Zettel shared more than you heard in the original interview, and this post captures a few of those treasures. 

Cake Wrecks

Tina is no stranger to the occasional failure. It happens to the best of us. Tina did say they happened more in the beginning when she was in the early stages of learning her craft. But no one is immune to the tricks of flour, sugar and those secret ingredients. After we stopped the interview, Tina shared a couple stories of her cake wrecks. We’ve recorded them as a special bonus story so you can hear the honest truth when successful people fail. Tina shares two stories – a Christmas Camouflage cake and the disaster with her Tree and Owl cake.


Take a listen. Then tell us, do you have any failures of your own? We’d love to hear them.



If you missed the original interview, take a listen here:



The Tree and Owl Cakes

We’ve included pictures of the Tree and Owl cakes. However, Tina wasn’t able to find a picture of the Christmas Camo cake. Sad for us. 


There’s Always Room for Cake

When you talk about cake, it just makes sense to eat it as well. Right? Well that’s our thinking on the matter. Tina didn’t let me down and brought a two-tier stack of happiness. Here’s a few shots of us getting high on sugar.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this extra look into our interview time and the fun we have while recording.


Is there anything you still want to know? Or wish I asked Tina? Add your comments below and let’s chat.


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