Bonus Content: Tony Tharae’s Living Your Journey Episode

Tony Tharae is a filmmaker, storyteller and all-over creative guy. In his Living Your Journey episode, Tony shares some terrific advice, stories about his journey and of course talks about his current projects and his past role as an art director. Also in the episode, Christopher points out that Tony is a creative powerhouse. This is no joke and is definitely true. Tony’s work speaks for itself. But let us set it up for you.


See above! For a first look, watch the video above. It’s a rough cut teaser for RIFT, Tony’s series concept. There are many more of these sneak peeks into RIFT over on Tony’s website. Be sure to watch the one titled SIX to get a glimpse of Tony in the series.


The Ninth Minute

Here’s another sneak peek. These images are from the graphic novel Tony spoke about. There’s serious creative power here. To see more images, again check out Tony’s site.


Art Direction and More

Tony has a portfolio of his brand work that provides an overview the work he’s done in the past. It’s not everything. Just a glimpse.


Over to You

What do you think – excited to see his two projects come to life? We are. And we’re so glad he’s making his storytelling a priority.

Regarding Ton’s episode, did his advice resonate with you? Or what caught your attention?


Follow along with Tony’s journey at his website,


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