Adrian Cropley - A Love for His Profession Creates Happier Employees

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Adrian Cropley is leader in a widely unknown profession, helping employees stay connected, and enjoy their work a lot more. He’s brought Internal Communication and Change Management expertise to companies around the globe. But his journey is so much more than a corporate job. Adrian tells us why it matters and how it helps in ways most of know nothing about.




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Christopher Swan chats with Adrian Cropley, the president and founder of Cropley Communication. Adrian is the first guest on the show with an expertise in the corporate world, specifically in internal communication, change management and professional development. If you have no clue what any of that is, not to worry as we’ll cover it in the interview. More importantly, we focus on connecting value and meaning to his (and everyone else’s) job, why Adrian fell in love with his profession, and some solid career advice, applicable to anyone. Adrian also discusses the importance of getting out of your comfort zone to keep learning in life. He shares some really good examples and also a few crazy stories – like when he ignored travel warnings to Algeria and ended up being shot at while there. No matter your career, Adrian’s advice is helpful, and he has a great view into managing a career. Take a listen and get a peek into an entirely different world with a wonderful guest.


Key Takeaways

[2:56] Who is Adrian and what does he do? Christopher gives a brief introduction.
[4:36] Adrian gives a snapshot of what his organization is really about and tells us why he loves what he’s doing.
[6:33] Who are his customers and what exactly is he offering as a service?
[8:52] What kind of organizations does Cropley Communication work with?
[10:34] What is right-sizing? Christopher explains.
[11:19] When we’re uncomfortable with change we create the words that seem a little better. So instead of down-sizing we say right-sizing!
[13:50] What makes Adrian love the work he does?
[16:17] The thing that really drives Adrian is people having a better experience in their life.
[18:36] If we can have people’s basic needs met, they can then move on and support everybody else around them.
[19:58] Adrian shares the story of how he realized this profession was right for him.
[26:57] You get to a point where you go “it’s all about giving back”.
[29:35] In Adrian’s experience what are some of the challenges Internal Comms is typically faced with?
[33:15] What’s the best things about taking on a global role like chair of IABC? Connecting with people!
[36:26] Adrian’s advice to his younger self – recognize your strengths early, have conviction about your own abilities and back yourself more.
[42:01] Adrian’s one piece of advice to someone starting a new career? Have a real vision of what you want to achieve in that role.
[44:41] What inspires Adrian to keep on going and to love what he is doing?
[46:32] Adrian shares some examples of being outside his comfort zone while volunteering or traveling.
[52:00] Adrian’s new app for Communications professionals is called Career Evaluator. See the show links to download it through Apple or Google Play.
[57:24] Christopher’s favorite takeaway from his conversation with Adrian.
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“Sometimes you have to have conviction – it’s not all roses in a row.”
“When you know it’s right in your gut, you need to carry it through.”
“I would always challenge the norm & it was always uncomfortable because people didn’t like change & they didn’t like to be challenged.”
“You have to get uncomfortable to grow.”