Alex Babajanyan - How an Artist Transformed His Career

My Big Story

Alex Babajanyan of the Babajanyan Art Academy shares how he followed his love of art, to eventually open his own art academy. Alex explains that his journey wasn’t straight forward, as he dabbled in web design and even movie production. It wasn’t until he realized his love for helping children see the world through art, that he knew he needed to teach.




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Today’s guest is artist Alex Babajanyan. Alex is passionate about art and his new found passion of teaching art. He is the founder of the Babajanyan Academy, and has done freelance illustration work for clients like Disney. He has been involved with freelance web and logo design to teaching art to young children. He even had an opportunity to work with the band U2, and joined Sean Penn in his documentary film venture.

Alex discovered his passion for art was meant for something bigger. Alex has been drawing since he was four. He wanted to open a school designed after the school he went to Art Center College of Design. He wants to incorporate math and science and everything that art is about. It’s his goal to really teach the art foundations and real education. His academy has been open for a few months and he has about 28 students ranging from age 8 to 16 years old. Alex is also an art teacher at an elementary school in Glendale, CA.


Key Takeaways

  • A little background on Alex and how Christopher and Alex met and became friends
  • Why art is important and why it needs to be taken seriously, especially in education
  • Everything has to be designed and artists are involved in this, things have to be drawn and planned out
  • Alex’s passion for teaching art is from his love of kids and art, and influencing and educating them to make the world a better place
  • How Alex opened Simian Ink which specialized in graphic design, branding, logos and eventually the web
  • After closing the graphic design business, he was free to do what he wanted to do creatively
  • Teaching allows Alex to be creative and do what he loves while helping students to create and make the world better
  • How Alex got to meet and work with the band U2 and Sean Penn


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“Art is everything around you.”
“First and foremost artist have to put this stuff together and draw these concepts.”
“When I teach, I use art to make children better people.”