Bonnie Tsang - An Editorial Photographer Captures the Hearts of Millions of People

My Big Story

How capturing moments and being true to the things she loves has helped Bonnie Tsang earn millions of followers. Bonnie shares how she started her photography career, how she continues to grow her style, the affect of motherhood in her career, and advice for others.




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If you’re on Pinterest, you have more than likely interacted with editorial and commercial photographer Bonnie Tsang. TIME magazine recently named Bonnie one of the top 30 Pinterest curators to follow. And it makes sense—she has over 7 million Pinterest followers. If you are an Instagram user that loves beautiful photography, you may just be one of Bonnie’s 87,000+ followers.

In this episode, Bonnie talks about becoming a professional photographer, how she evolves her style and work, and life as a new mother, again. Also, Bonnie didn’t go to school for photography and she is real-life proof that hard work and determination pay off, as does sharing what you see in the world in your own unique way.


Key Takeaways

[1:38] How Bonnie’s photography story came together.
[6:45] Bonnie shares her deeper purpose in being a photographer.
[8:45] How Bonnie has questioned herself, but has learned she has a good eye and a natural talent as a photographer.
[11:16] What kind of struggles has Bonnie had along her journey and what lessons has she learned?
[13:38] Bonnie shares why she has a desire to continue to grow as a photographer.
[15:03] How the recent birth of Bonnie’s second child is influencing her work.
[18:37] Bonnie explains how she balances what she wants to share and what she should share with her millions of followers.
[22:15] How does sharing inspirational messages on social media affect Bonnie?
[23:38] Bonnie discusses how she defined her own style as a curator and photographer,who shares things of interest on social media.
[28:25] Bonnie’s father, also a seasoned photographer, influences her work.
[29:58] Who else has influenced Bonnie’s work?
[31:12] What keeps Bonnie energized and fresh in her work.
[36:57] Bonnie talks about what holds her back in her career.
[38:07] Bonnie shares what’s next for her in her photography business.
[40:03] Bonnie offers advice for someone ready to start a career in photography.
[43:11] If Bonnie were to go back to the beginning of her career, this is what she would do differently.
[45:57] Where to find Bonnie online.
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“I feel fortunate to be hired just to capture moments.”

“I am constantly shifting and finding my own style.”

“I just knew I wanted to keep growing; growing as in—keep learning and keep doing bigger things.”

“You’ve matured. You know more…who are you now?”

“As soon as we become comfortable, your world just stays that way. Our world can constantly grow bigger and bigger.”

“It is a risk to try new things and perhaps get a whole new set of followers…”

“I can’t stay still in this little box. I’ve outgrown it and I need to find a good box.”

“I always like to give people space—the people that I want to learn from.”

“Observe a lot, be respectful and be curious.”

“You can’t ever run from anything. It will show back up—you just don’t know about it.”