Color Theory - Creating Music and Mastering a Balanced Life

My Big Story

Color Theory’s story of taking a levelheaded approach to being creative and still focusing on a full and balanced life, as husband, father, business owner and more.




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Christopher Swan chats with recording artist, Color Theory, better known to his friends and family as Brian Hazard. Color Theory is quite popular online, especially with fans of 80’s synthpop and Electronic Dance Music (EDM). As an independent artist, he has successfully released nine albums and gathered millions of followers. He also runs an audio mastering company, where he uses his mastering skills to make other artists sound amazing. In today’s conversation, we discuss Brian’s musical career, how he balances his time as a recording artist, running a mastering company, spending time with his family, and still getting it all done. We also talk about using social media as an artist, what’s next for Color Theory, advice for artists just starting out, a practice of deep work, and much more.


Key Takeaways

[1:44] Check out Color Theory’s new album, Adjustments, which was just recently released.
[4:41] Brian talks about the new world of releasing music and various album formats. [10:26] Discover more about Color Theory’s music – 80’s synthpop + EDM + classical piano – and his early musical influences.
[16:01] Find out what influences Color Theory’s musical creations.
[22:33] Brian explains how the concept of Deep Work is helping him to stay focused.
[29:32] How does Brian master the balance he has created in his life?
[33:32] Let’s talk about Color Theory’s new album – Adjustments.
[40:11] Brian dives into producing and sharing his music on social media.
[50:09] Color Theory shares his journey from being in school to becoming a recording artist.
[53:58] What’s next for Color Theory?
[57:58] Hear Brian’s advice about gaining clarity on your “now or never” moment.
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“Do I need to be listening to music to have influence? Do I need to keep up with the market?”

“Do I need to be the product? Do I need to be the brand? The purest in me, of course, wants it just to be the music.”

“I feel like making my original music is kind of the most important thing for me, professionally.”