The Crafty Lumberjacks - Two Actors Combine Hobbies and Romance to Create a Fun-Loving Brand

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A real-life couple use their love of crafting, acting skills, and sincerity to create a fun DIY crafting brand


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Today’s guests are Andrew Boza and Dennis Setteducati, better known to their fans as the Crafty Lumberjacks. This couple has created a fun-loving brand of easy-to-follow craft and DIY projects via their blog, Instagram, and most recently, through a gig with HGTV Handmade. Not only are their ideas and crafts clever, their personalities shine through everything they do, including a big dose of positivity and happiness. In the chat today, we talk about Crafty Lumberjacks — the brand, business momentum, and how they’re feeling their way through much of it.

Another important point of our conversation is their focus on their other careers — stage actors in New York City. They’re feeding their own business while still pursuing an entertainment career. This was an honest conversation of still figuring out how things are going to work, with some lessons learned, and a big focus on being yourself, to love what you do, and to better connect with your fans.


Key Takeaways

[1:54] Christopher introduces the Crafty Lumberjacks.
[3:13] With couples, disagreements can happen – how Andrew and Dennis manage disagreements about what to craft and how to produce it.
[4:50] The story of how Andrew and Dennis first met, and how crafting became a part of their lives.
[7:37] How are the Crafty Lumberjacks pursuing acting and their DIY craft business at the same time?
[11:20] Andrew and Dennis started a YouTube channel to share their crafts and a look into their personal lives.
[13:05] What does the realization of becoming a digital influencer mean to the Crafty Lumberjacks?
[15:16] Taking part in HGTV Handmade videos launched an even bigger platform for Andrew and Dennis.
[18:11] Andrew and Dennis discuss the possibility of turning their hobby into a full-time career.
[19:56] What does the future look like for the Crafty Lumberjacks?
[21:38] What are lessons they’ve learned?
[23:31] Andrew and Dennis share some of their most exciting moments.
[26:50] How do The Crafty Lumberjacks stand out in a world of crafters?
[27:54] Where to Andrew and Dennis find inspiration?
[30:36] Was the evolution of the brand natural, or was it planned?
[32:49] What’s the origin of the the Crafty Lumberjacks name?
[34:26] What advice does Andrew and Dennis have for other couples building a business together?
[36:52] What would Andrew and Dennis tell someone else starting their own business?
[38:32] As the Crafty Lumberjacks have evolved, what helpful advice have they received from others along the way?
[40:31] Andrew and Dennis try to be themselves — social, silly, and positive, when they share posts or videos online — and it matters.
[43:08] What a strategic plan looks like, compared to working from the heart.
[45:07] Where to find the Crafty Lumberjacks online.
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“We have goals, but they often change.”

“Even if we don’t get content out there regularly, it’s stuff that we really do have a passion for.”

“Anybody that can be themselves … that is a big inspiration to us.”

“Start small with something that they really love and that they are really passionate about.”

“Going into it looking for a big platform is probably the wrong way to look at it.”

“It’s not about a ton of followers; it’s about doing something you enjoy doing.”

“People are looking for honesty now. They are looking to see who you are.”

“Cool head; warm heart.”

“Any new project you work on; you should expect that it won’t go as you planned.”

“We want people to feel kind of pure escapism from their everyday life when they are looking at our posts…”

“We want people to feel like they are just hanging out with us.”

“Why don’t you just do something you love, and people might show up.”



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