Dijon Bowen - Self Discovery and Meaningful Connections Through Storytelling

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One man proves that creativity and personal identity can be discovered through meaningful and energizing connections with the people around us




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Dijon Bowen is the creative mastermind behind the popular and inspiring Souls of Society — a photography-based community movement. This movement has captured the attention of thousands, and connects its participants in a unique way. Similar at first glance to the Humans of New York project, photos and stories are captured of strangers on the street, but this goes a bit further, using storytelling to increase compassion, empathy, and spiritual awareness, making connections within our society. Dijon explains it all, how it started in San Francisco, why this movement matters, the expansion to other cities, and Dijon’s hope for Souls.

In addition to Souls of Society, Dijon also makes films and music, most notably co-founding the band Indigo Keys with a debut album that was just released last year.

Dijon shares his depth, spirituality, and meaning that drives his projects in the journey. He thoughtfully shares the hows and the whys of his work, and what’s next for him.


Key Takeaways

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[1:46] Christopher introduces today’s guest, Dijon Bowen.
[2:59] How Dijon describes himself.
[5:42] What it means to be aware of your authentic self.
[6:54] What led Dijon to his journey of self-discovery.
[9:52] Dijon shares how Souls of Society started, and a memorable experience with one of his first photos in San Francisco.
[13:10] What it means to “go deep” with a complete stranger.
[15:13] How did Souls of Society become a movement, and how it might evolve in the future.
[24:55] How Souls builds communities and relationships.
[27:47] What keeps Dijon inspired to continue to connect, and tell stories?
[33:05] How Dijon’s perception of himself has changed as he has focused on evolving and contributing to the world.
[34:58] How Dijon learned about the twin flame connection, and how he got started with the band Indigo Keys.
[44:19] Dijon created something that just felt right, rather than focusing on following a specific creative process.
[49:08] What inspires Dijon to pursue various mediums, how his real art is interaction with people, and how he channels energy through himself into whatever he is doing.
[51:44] Dijon focuses on what is right in front of him, rather than focusing on what is to come.
[54:09] What’s next for Dijon?
[56:04] What advice would Dijon give to someone who wants to pursue their creativity, rather than a standard job?
[1:00:23] Dijon talks about his new album, Journey to Arcturus.
[1:01:20] Where to find Dijon online.
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“It’s all about connection, and vulnerability, and authenticity.”

“To be aware of your authentic self, is to be aware of and care for others.”

“You become more intelligent, if you are able to stand in someone else’s perspective…”

“Truth is something that is discovered relationally a lot of the time, when you are dealing with human beings.”

“I feel like if I were to die today, I contributed something to humanity.”

“Use your gifts in service, and if you use your gifts in service and are supporting people, then people will support you.”

“Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it.”



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