Dr. Phil Ricchiazzi - A Journey to Whole-Person Wellness in Hollywood

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Dr. Phil Ricchiazzi combines his passion for chiropractic, wellness and nutrition into a unique practice. This is his story, of finding his way into this career, helping others, and living a balanced life




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In this episode of Living Your Journey, Christopher interviews his longtime friend, Dr. Phil Ricchiazzi, a successful Hollywood-based chiropractor. Dr. Phil provides a whole-person approach to wellness making his practice unique, not just focusing on symptoms and pain. He digs deeper into each patient’s story, finding the factors that are causing disruption in their systems—so that he can heal the root cause of their problems. Dr. Phil also shares how he personally manages a balanced life and his focus on mindfulness—because he truly believes in living what he teaches.

Dr. Phil’s journey hasn’t been easy, and in this conversation he shares some of his personal struggles, how he found his way into his current practice and medicine, and his advice for anyone struggling to find their passion and to live authentically.


Key Takeaways

[02:47] How Dr. Phil’s passion for the nervous system led him from mainstream neuroimmunology to chiropractic work.
[05:55] Dr. Phil explains how nervous system disruptions interfere with health, and what causes these disruptions.
[07:05] Our bodies are self-healing and self-regulating.
[08:19] Mental/emotional stressors can be very problematic.
[08:36] What is the difference between Dr. Phil’s approach and that of most chiropractors?
[09:45] How Dr. Phil’s varied interests and passions led him to where he is now.
[13:48] How does Dr. Phil’s culinary background influence his ideas about nutrition?
[15:51] Out of all of his interests, why did Dr. Phil choose a career in healthcare?
[19:03] How is mindfulness a part of Dr. Phil’s practice?
[22:23] Why balance is important to Dr. Phil and his patients.
[28:15] The struggles on Dr. Phil’s journey.
[31:40] How coming out as a gay man shaped Dr. Phil’s journey.
[34:30] Dr. Phil’s patients are what keep him motivated.
[40:10] How Dr. Phil’s parents, along with great teachers and his loving husband, supported his journey.
[42:00] Dr. Phil’s advice for those who don’t feel supported.
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“No education is ever wasted.”

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