Evan Todd - A Passion for the Arts Created Opportunities to Help Others

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Evan Todd is an actor and producer of theatre and screen. As he continues to explore and grow his entertainment career, he’s using the arts to impact the lives of children in multiple communities




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Evan Todd is an actor and producer of theatre and movies. He’s also co-founded two arts-based outreach nonprofits impacting the lives of children in the US and in Africa. And in his spare time, Evan builds and sells custom reclaimed furniture. Evan has this passion to explore, understand how things work, try them on, and see what’s next. In theatre and film, Evan is known for his starring roles in Heathers the Musical and 4th Man Out. He’s also part of the producing team behind the Tony-Nominated revival of Spring Awakening, on Broadway.

In this conversation with Christopher Swan, Evan openly shares stories that reveal the why and how of his interests and activities — specifically how they intersect and have evolved. He also talks about the way he’s using the arts to reach communities he can help. Evan’s authenticity is refreshing, and so are his ideas and advice.


Key Takeaways

[2:37] What motivates Evan to keep exploring his varied interests and activities?
[6:53] How starting projects is one of Evan’s strengths as well as a weakness.
[8:54] Moving out to LA to focus on acting, getting casted in Heathers and making restoration furniture for his new apartment.
[11:32] Evan’s attraction to entertainment includes both the artistic/emotional and the business sides of the business.
[16:05] How Evan’s curiosity lead him to become a co-producer of Spring Awakening on Broadway.
[22:14] The story of how Evan’s involvement with nonprofits began in Florida and Africa.
[28:20] Why and how Evan started the stART program in his hometown.
[35:36] Evan is extremely interested in the business side of the entertainment industry, and how he can also be part of the content model disruption.
[38:13] Evan shares how he first started making custom reclaimed furniture.
[43:37] What’s next for Evan.
[48:10] Evan offers advice for anyone with multiple interests, and how to pursue them.
[51:46] Hear what’s currently influencing Evan’s work and feeding his creativity.
[56:06] How to best follow along with Evan and his work online.
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“I can’t imagine any other industry that touches on so many things that I’m interested in.”

“I feel really fulfilled in the outreach part of my life. I feel really fulfilled in giving back to the world and being a socially engaged citizen.”

“The reason the projects have been successful is because there’s an incredible team of people involved.”