Heather Joy Miller - The Daring Transformation into a Professional Artist

My Big Story

Heather Joy Miller shares the story of her transformation, from professional dancer to a high tech sales professional, to leaving it all behind to follow her passion-coming out as a professional, encaustic artist




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This week’s guest is Heather Joy Miller, an encaustic artist who lives and works at the beach in Southern California. In this conversation with Christopher Swan, Heather educates us on the absolutely fascinating medium of encaustic art. Let’s face it, creating art with fire is pretty awesome! Not only is her work truly amazing, but she’s doing a great job at carving out a new space for herself in the art world. And, the best part of this conversation is when Heather shares the story of her transformation―from professional dancer to a high tech sales professional to leaving that all behind to “Come out as an artist.” For anyone trying something new or going against the grain, this story is for you. And this is a great way to discover a new artist and hear about a journey that’s focused with intention and being true to oneself.


Key Takeaways

[1:49] Christopher loves Heather’s artwork and the positive energy it represents.
[2:48] How Heather’s art is contributing to sustainability and helping the bees.
[4:34] Encaustic art has a fascinating archival element and a rich history going back to 4,000 years ago.
[6:36] Heather describes the interactive process of creating encaustic art, involving heat and a blowtorch.
[9:50] What spoke to Heather about the encaustic art medium vs. other ones, like painting?
[12:48] What influences Heather?
[15:12] How Heather went from high tech sales to coming out as an artist—and how following her intuition led her to the right path.
[22:18] Heather surrounds herself with positive and goal-oriented people, which helps her to keep self-doubt and negativity out of her life.
[23:24] What it’s like to work as an artist/solo business owner, and what surprised Heather about building a business around art.
[29:55] How some of the original naysayers in Heather’s life have changed their minds about her coming out as an artist.
[31:50] How falling into professional dancing lead Heather to the path of becoming a professional artist.
[36:29] Find out more about Heather’s upcoming show, limited edition releases, and other artistic expressions.
[41:24] Heather’s one piece of advice for anyone looking to follow in similar footsteps or become an artist for a living, and be successful.
[43:40] How to best follow along with Heather and her artwork.
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“It’s art that I can actually speak back to with sustainability and helping the bees.”

“Encaustic art is actually the oldest medium still in use today.”

“There are too many signs in the Universe that are pointing to me, saying you’re on the right path.”

“There is a lot of naysayers, but you need to believe in yourself and you need to trust what you’re doing.”