Highlights Episode: The First Three Months of Living Your Journey (My Big Story)

My Big Story

Christopher Swan and Ryan Dee take a look back at three months of conversations, advice, moments, and more




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We are doing something a little different in this episode. Christopher Swan is joined by a special co-host Ryan Dee, a dedicated fan of the show, as they look back at the first 3 months of episodes, highlighting some of the great moments, top advice, behind the scenes extras and where we’re headed next. Tune in to hear their favorite advice from guests, how it can be applied to your journey, and why the specific advice is so helpful. Ryan also helps Christopher dive into the show development, his processes and more. If you’re new to the show, this is a great way to find past episodes that you’d like, and for subscribers, this unpacks information you’ve heard, but in a new way. And then finally, let’s continue the conversation after the episode by sharing your favorite moments and advice from the show!


Key Takeaways

[2:17] Ryan was totally excited to be coming on the first Living Your Journey highlights show.
[6:45] Find out more about Ryan Dee, a real fan of Living Your Journey.
[12:08] The best advice Ryan has heard on the shows that really resonated for him.
[16:12] Justin Michael Williams on past experiences can help us now and you need to see them as part of the path to making the passion successful.
[20:00] Chris Gaida on shaking yourself up when feeling stuck to help you look at the world with a different perspective.
[20:57] Tina Zettel on thriving on the small successes and the belief from others to help you excel forward.
[24:22] Ryan resonates with a common theme across all episodes on overcoming fear and getting outside your comfort zone.
[26:04] Jerrod Maruyama on how you can’t wait for the perfect time to start your ‘thing’, it’s always going to be scary.
[29:57] Another common theme Ryan has seen throughout the episodes is that we’re all still figuring it out.
[30:56] Anna Harris on embracing an opportunistic journey of trying new things.
[31:44] One of the best moments during all of the shows really was when Jerrod said yes to Christopher.
[34:38] What are some cool or interesting moments that have popped up for Ryan, from a listener perspective.
[38:09] Unofficial announcement – Check out accidentalinformation.com for upcoming weekly new original articles, separate from the podcast. One that’s in the works is on The Evolution of Purpose.
[43:34] Ryan turns over the questions to Christopher. Find out some of the cool, interesting things about starting the show.
[47:11] What has been the biggest challenge about running this podcast series?
[51:33] How does Christopher keep it friendly/conversational and not have it come out canned because he has done a lot of prep.
[54:39] What’s next for Living Your Journey. Discover some of Christopher’s ideas for evolving the show, and more.
[57:03] What does Ryan want to hear as a listener of the show. Variety is key for him!
[58:26] Request for listeners – Send in some names of people whose journey you’d like to hear about on the show.
[60:18] Any thoughts or questions you’d like to share? Send us a message or post a comment on Facebook or tweet us @accidentalinfo using #LivingYourJourney.


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“Inspiration is everywhere.”

“Learn about what you don’t want to do and that will inform what you do want to do.”

“Overcoming fear is a very common theme throughout all of the episodes.”