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A new kind of chicken company succeeds as its founders stand behind their purpose and transparency




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On the show this week are the founders of Hip Chick Farms, real-life married couple, Serafina Palandech and Jen Johnson.

Hip Chick Farms makes organic, transparently sourced, chef-inspired frozen chicken and poultry products that are loved by kids. Additionally, there are no preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, or fillers in their products. Also, they care about the animals. This is more than just a product. It’s a different way of doing business.

This family company had humble beginnings a few years ago, while facing huge challenges just two years in, that would make most people quit the business. Now they’re doing great, expanding business in new ways and in new regions, and literally impacting an entire industry.

Serafina and Jen invited me to their farm in Sebastopol, CA, located in the Sonoma Wine Country. It was a perfect setting, to truly see how animals are part of their everyday life. And just wait until you hear the variety of animals they have at their home.

In our conversation, we discuss why this couple created a chicken company, the challenges and what got them through them, how their local community played a large role in learning the business, the evolving purpose of their company, discrimination and visibility, and loads more.

Both Jen and Serafina are smart and driven, and they’re also full of charm — and this easily comes through in the interview. We laugh a lot, and it just flows. I had so much fun getting to know them, and think you’ll really enjoy this conversation.


Key Takeaways

[2:18] Jen and Serafina describe their animal sanctuary.
[3:08] What inspired Jen and Serafina to get into the food industry rather than opening a restaurant?
[5:19] How being an outsider has been a gift.
[9:05] An idea for chicken nuggets has turned into so much more.
[12:07] Jen and Serafina use their unique experiences and strengths as their business progresses.
[16:28] What’s the real truth about starting a business?
[20:11] Jen talks about her unexpected health crisis.
[21:35] Serafina and Jen share how they made it through the year of “not knowing.”
[24:27] How things changed for Hip Chick Farms in 2016 (and 2017).
[27:46] Jen and Serafina would like everybody to have access to healthy food, including their organic chicken.
[30:09] Jen and Serafina talk about their transparency as lesbian business owners, and how their platform allows them to help others live more authentically.
[36:01] How to build a supportive community around you.
[40:33] When others say you will fail, here’s what you do.
[41:46] What’s the difference between the expectations and the reality of running a business as a couple?
[44:44] Hip Chick Farms has exciting plans in the very near future.
[46:45] What does living the dream mean?
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