Jared N Wright - A Journey to Combine Filmmaking, Music and Acting

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Jared Wright shares his journey as a filmmaker, video producer, starting a band, and as an actor – bringing his dreams to life




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Jared Wright is all things creative. He’s a filmmaker, actor, and the founder of the electro dance pop band, Tiny Pyramids. He’s also the owner of Videobrite Media, a company that tells other people’s stories through film. He offers an insight into his creative world, and uncovers his advice to follow what we love. Jared’s story is a great example of someone who finds a way to do what he loves, no matter the circumstance.


Key Takeaways

[1:35] Christopher found Jared’s work while looking for a videographer.
[2:43] Although he may be the most passionate about filmmaking, Jared finds all of his creative endeavors very rewarding.
[3:52] What drives Jared’s creativity?
[5:44] Jared shares why creating art can be cathartic.
[7:47] Jared talks about his journey to filmmaking.
[9:00] Jared gets to blend creative identity and his business identity.
[15:34] Jared tells us about his band, Tiny Pyramids and the why and how of it.
[19:52] Jared’s music style is an anomaly in Sonoma County, California, and how it can help him stand out.
[20:41] How Jared got into electropop.
[21:52] What’s next for Tiny Pyramids?
[23:02] There are pros and cons to being a creative person in a small place.
[26:26] What does networking look like in a creative career?
[31:51] If an artist is true to themselves, they will develop a unique style naturally.
[34:32] Self doubt, lack of resources, and difficulty collaborating can all get in the way of creativity from time to time. But there’s still a way.
[38:04] Who influences Jared’s work?
[41:28] What’s the next step in Jared’s creative journey?
[42:51] Smart advice – conquer self-doubt by refusing to stop.
[43:51] Jared says it’s a great time to be starting out in film or music.
[49:28] Jared’s Vimeo page is the best place to find him online.
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“I’m attracted to stories and to the idea of making people feel something.”

“What we do for money is sometimes not at all who we are.”

“Eventually I got sad, and I knew that I had to do music again.”



Tiny Pyramids Music Video: Boys & Girls