Jen Kober - From Funny Kid to Breakout Storytelling Comedian

My Big Story

How one comedian is connecting with audiences just by telling her own stories. Jen Kober takes us behind-the-scenes of her comedy career and shares how she’s growing her career and connecting with audiences throughout the U.S.




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Comedian, storyteller and all-around funny woman, Jen Kober, seems to be everywhere these days. She’s been touring her stand-up comedy show across the U.S., appearing in various TV shows, like ABC’s The Middle and BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood, and can now be seen in NPR’s Snap Judgement tour. In this conversation, we talk about her life in comedy, getting started, growing her work, and everything in between. Jen also talks about her future plans, writing two pilots and a movie treatment, and most importantly, how she measures success in her life.


Key Takeaways

[1:39] Why does Jen do what she does?
[7:03] How did Jen’s circle of family and friends support her comedy, growing up?
[9:52] Christopher and Jen dip into a U.S. election chat, and then have a fun moment discussing ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder.
[12:18] The reality of touring for Jen and how it has evolved over the years.
[15:57] How tough is it being a comedian and doing it day after day?
[17:25] How Jen’s stories have developed and how she sees life through her own unique lens.
[23:32] While Jen considers herself a storyteller comedian first; she shares how she is exploring other aspects of the entertainment world.
[25:44] Jen shares how a particular music album influenced her and why she needs to create a children’s music album.
[31:16] What does success look like for Jen?
[39:26] How Jen connects with her audiences.
[46:36] What keeps Jen energized and inspired in her career?
[53:55] What’s next for Jen?
[56:24] Where to find Jen online—and she shares future dreams.
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“That’s what I love about being funny, because you know if you are doing it well or not—people are laughing or not.”

“Use the power that you have.”

“You have this interesting lens that you can look at life and that’s what helps you to translate it into this amazing story that’s funny and interesting.”

“Make it your own—whatever you’re doing.”

“Nobody else can do me.”

“I’m not going to teach you how to write a joke or anything. I’m going to teach you how to make your mess your message.”

“You’ve got to be around people who are not like you.”

“We have to open ourselves up to opportunity—otherwise it doesn’t happen.”



Jen’s Snap Judgement Performance – Girl Scout Cookies