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From his very successful content marketing business, to his social change work with kids with speech disorders, Joe Pulizzi knows the value of communication




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If you work in marketing or communications, you probably know about Joe Pulizzi, who’s become the ultimate champion of content marketing. Our conversation today is about finding growth, success and most importantly, about Joe’s journey. This episode isn’t just for listeners interested in the world of marketing — we talk about finding new ideas, staying energized, Joe’s advice for those out chasing their own dreams, and even why Joe co-founded a foundation to help children with speech disorders.

It’s noteworthy to mention, Joe started the wildly successful Content Marketing Institute, leads the largest content marketing conference in the world, hosts two podcasts, has authored multiple books, and regularly speaks to global audiences. No matter your career or journey, Joe is a great guy to connect with.


Key Takeaways

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[2:56] Joe is practically the poster child for content marketing.
[4:05] What sparked Joe’s passion for content marketing?
[5:19] The discipline of content marketing has evolved a lot in recent years.
[8:56] Joe is a husband and father first, an entrepreneur and communicator second.
[13:26] Have Joe’s career choices been driven by what he enjoys, or opportunities that he saw?
[15:13] The behind-the-scenes story behind Joe’s very successful business.
[26:09] Content Marketing World has a philosophy that people need to be having fun to learn effectively.
[32:33] Joe reads at least two books per month (at least one is fiction), in order to stay in a creative and inspired state.
[37:16] Now that Joe has sold his company, his shifting his focus.
[41:54] Joe tells us about his passion to help children with The Orange Effect Foundation.
[47:42] How Joe’s friends and family keep him energized.
[51:52] Joe’s advice for someone who’s chasing a dream.
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“I am a husband and father first — that’s why we do what we do.”

“I love communicating with people.”

“You can make money a lot of different ways; you might as well do something you’re passionate about.”

“I’m learning how to say ‘no’ a lot more.”

“Simplify. Don’t make it so difficult.”