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Actor, YouTuber and creative Matt Cullen discusses his growing journey into online entertainment and Hollywood. Matt shares his passion for being creative and making his own opportunities happen. He also talks about his adventures in social media, using channels like Periscope, Twitter and Snapchat to connect with his growing fanbase (and fan club, The Matt L Cullen Family). This is an energetic show with insights into a creative world.




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Matt Cullen is an entertainer. He’s actor, an up-and-coming YouTuber and the co-creator of the wacky and fun web series, Raymond and Lane. In this conversation, we dive into Matt’s “Why” and the reasons he loves to create. He then shares his evolving story as a creative and some fresh perspectives. Also discussed, Matt shares his thoughts about the clash (or merger) of online talent vs. the standard Hollywood talent poole. As Matt is somewhere in the middle, how does he see trained actors fairing against online creatives? Is one better than the other? Take a listen to find out.


Key Takeaways

[3:50] Why does Matt do what he does?
[4:50] Is it the creative process that brings Matt to life? Why does he get excited when he creates?
[6:30] How did Matt decide to move into the online space, as well as act through traditional methods in LA?
[8:10] Creating something on your own terms opens up so many doors.
[9:05] Matt wears many different hats, as he does his own PR, editing, and more for his show.
[10:05] Matt has always wanted to be a director, but directing is harder to get into than acting.
[11:00] The Raymond and Lane web series has received quite a bit of press from all over the world.
[11:30] What is the web series about?
[14:10] Matt is thankful that his show didn’t become viral right away.
[15:05] Knowing how to market your product on social media is a requirement.
[17:00] Does Matt worry about what he shares online as he gains a larger audience?
[19:20] You need to be your authentic self when auditioning for roles, which might sound counter-intuitive.
[23:15] What are Matt’s thoughts on trained actors vs. untrained YouTubers appearing in movies?
[27:15] It doesn’t matter what platform you’re putting your work on as long as you’re creating and putting it out there for people to see.
[28:20] What keeps Matt motivated?
[32:00] What advice would Matt give actors who are just starting out?
[35:30] Everybody has their own path to success that they have to discover. Being successful on the Internet is still new that it’s hard to find a book about “how to make it.”
[38:25] What has inspired Matt recently?
[40:35] Matt’s fans help hold him accountable.
[41:15] What’s next for Matt?
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“If my heart was a big gas tank, when I’m creating and when I’m acting, I feel like my heart is full.”

“You have to create your own thing. If you’re always waiting around, it may not happen.”

“Hard work pays a lot into your success and your career.”