Michael Barnum - Creating a Music Career by Being True to What He Loves

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A singer-songwriter uses creativity, talent, and determination to make his own space in the music community




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This week Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, and actor, Michael Barnum is on the show.

Michael is all in with his music career, releasing his debut EP, Trust, late last year. He’s currently working on new music, and gaining momentum in the LA music scene and with online streaming platforms like Periscope.

Michael and Christopher recorded this interview in the space where Michael recorded his EP, high up in the Hollywood Hills. It seemed fitting to tell his story at the birthplace of his recording artist career.

Michael is full of determination and persistence to see his dreams become reality. And he’s doing it by being true to what he loves, and by creating an engaged community of fans. It’s also easy to see Michael’s passion and smarts in everything he does.

In the chat today, you’ll hear more about Michael’s musical journey, why platforms like Periscope matter for creating connections, signed artists vs. independent creators, taking the leap from a day job to creative work, and suggestions and advice for any artist.

We’re so very glad to share this interview with you. Michael is extremely talented, has real life experiences to share with other creatives, and he’s the nicest guy.

AND, and that’s a big and — after you’re done listening to this episode, scroll down to watch an exclusive live performance of Michael’s forthcoming single, Universe.


Key Takeaways

[2:16] The significance of the Hollywood Hills studio where Michael is sharing his story in today’s episode.
[4:21] Michael shares why he named his debut album Trust.
[6:38] Why Michael feels he was given a second chance at life.
[9:36] Music has always saved Michael — he keeps going back to it, and has realized that perfection isn’t always the goal.
[14:24] Michael is okay knowing he is still finding his voice, and it’s okay to admit it.
[16:32] Why Periscope allows Michael to make meaningful connections with others online.
[20:40] What it means to be an independent creator, and how it’s changing things in the music industry.
[23:36] Michael makes a big announcement, and talks about what’s getting in the way of going further as an artist.
[28:34] If it scares you, you should probably do it.
[30:17] Michael’s parents have been some of his biggest supporters and influencers.
[31:24] What is ahead for Michael?
[36:04] Follow along with Michael online.
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“Sometimes good enough is just fine.”

“As an artist you have to be curious about the world.”

“Don’t get pigeon-holed in whatever somebody else is putting you in.”

“If it scares you, you should probably do it.”

“You are worthy. You are good enough and you don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.”



Michael performs his forthcoming single, Universe