Michael Paul Ziegfeld - Living His Dreams Because He Wants the Experience

My Big Story

Actor, producer and author, Michael Paul Ziegfeld shares how he retired his definition of success, and is now living his dreams with new meaning




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Michael Paul Ziegfeld is an actor, producer and author—but these titles almost don’t reflect Michael’s expansive work and experiences. His variety of opportunities has in fact added to his perspective. Michael has a brilliant way of looking at life and has realized that success is not always what we think it is. Even though he’s been successful with movies, television and the stage, he has a story that  tells how he became fed up with his reality and his decision to retire from the entertainment industry. Writing a book about his past triggered him to see life in a different way, which he now uses in panel discussions to help others. In this conversation with Christopher Swan, Michael shares his journey in the entertainment world, but also his unfolding story of moving forward with intention and purpose.


Key Takeaways

[1:35] How Michael’s story is relatable to anyone’s story.
[4:09] How did Michael become one of the youngest interns at NBC network?
[6:38] What fueled Michael’s courage to move forward with his dream?
[8:28] Michael shares some career highlights and what kept him going through the ebb and flow of working in the entertainment industry.
[15:26] How a period of self-reflection changed the trajectory of Michael’s career.
[22:56] How Michael gained peace in his life.
[26:04] Why writing a book connected Michael to people both in and out of his industry.
[29:53] What advice does Michael give to someone who wants to pay their bills and wants to pursue what they love?
[34:10] Michael shares how his book, Breaking Out of Show Business: What I’ve Discovered By Not Being Discovered, is being used for roundtable discussions around the country.
[38:19] How does Michael’s book currently fuel his journey?
[40:08] Why living your dream matters.
[41:22] How Michael retired his mindset.
[43:53] What advice does Michael give to those feeling lost in their life?
[46:16] Where to find Michael online.
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“You have a tremendous opportunity to be the most ‘you’. If you’re not willing to do that, there is no point in doing it.”

“Start locally. Get known in your local market.”

“Every human being has a creative side…there is no finish line to that.”

“The minute you stop learning and growing in your craft…then it’s not your craft anymore.”

“To participate without the expectancy of the result—but only participate because you want to be there.”

“No one is keeping score but you. You can go back and try your business or invention as many times as you want.”

“Do your dreams because you want to participate in the experience.”