Nicole Buergers - How Bees Created a New Chance at Happiness

My Big Story

Nicole Buergers left an online marketing career to start Houston’s first beekeeping service and to follow a passion for cheese. She’s living life on her terms, and educating a community




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Nicole Buergers has her own beekeeping company and is an official cheesemonger. She left the corporate agency world and through a successful crowdsourcing promotion and a lot of effort, she has created a career that connects her interests and and provides a platform to grow.

In this conversation, Christopher Swan uncovers the why and how of Nicole’s story. Nicole not only shares how urban beekeeping works and why it’s important, but generously shares ideas on how to start something new, no matter your dream.


Key Takeaways

[2:13] How the Bee2Bee Honey Collective works.
[4:00] What inspired Nicole to purchase her first beehive.
[5:25] Why Nicole encourages a hands-on stewardship approach to beekeeping.
[6:45] How Nicole found a beekeeping mentor who inspired her to start her own bee business.
[10:30] What motivated Nicole to leave a great job at a marketing agency, to pursue her passion and turn her hobby into her full time career.
[15:05] Nicole’s realization that her successful career wasn’t fulfilling.
[17:18 ] Nicole shares how it felt to leave something she was good at, to taking a chance on something more rewarding.
[18:40] Why Nicole chose to fund her campaign through Indiegogo, and shares tips on why it was successful.
[22:55] How a network of marketers and community members help a business to grow.
[24:13] Nicole shares her skills and talents with other business owners to help them succeed.
[26:53] Nicole started blogging about cheese and started working at a local cheese shop to start her cheese education.
[30:25] Nicole has a future of combining her love for cheese and honey.
[33:08] Even when pursuing a job you love, does it feel like work?
[35:38] Nicole shares the realities of being a beekeeper.
[37:04] What surprised Nicole the most about chasing her ideas.
[41:05] What does Nicole wish she had known before launching her business?
[42:52] From Nicole, advice in diverting from your current path and career.
[45:30] Advice in using mentors and whiteboards to stay on track in your business.
[47:44] Purchase Nicole’s honey, check out her beekeeping classes, and follow her story at
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“It’s almost like you were testing yourself. It’s do it or don’t, or really find a new path.”

“This is my identity and I’m just going to pivot completely.”

“It feels like work when it’s 100 degrees outside and I’m in a bee suit which adds about 30 degrees.”

“I wouldn’t trade it for a desk job— I feel like I’m doing the right thing.”

“If you are genuine about what you are doing and following your dream, people love to support that.”

“You really need to be in charge of yourself.”