Parvesh Cheena - Behind-The-Scenes of a Working Actor

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Parvesh Cheena talks with Christopher Swan about his acting journey, sharing candidly about working in Hollywood, choosing projects, how he measures success, and much more. This is an intimate conversation perfect for anyone interested in acting, or who wants to hear a personal perspective of a working actor’s life.




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Actor and producer Parvesh Cheena sits down with Christopher Swan and shares his inside perspective of a working actor. Parvesh has been in countless television roles and movies for over a decade. He gained notoriety for his roles in the Barbershop movies, NBC’s Outsourced, and Transformers: Rescue Bots. In addition to his busy acting schedule, you’ll soon see him in season 2 of Crazy Ex-girlfriend, coming this Fall.

In the discussion they candidly talk about what drives Parvesh to act, balancing roles you want vs. one’s you need to take, the current state of diversity and inclusion in Hollywood, Parv’s career goals, advice, and a lot more.


Key Takeaways

[2:30] Why did Parvesh want to become an actor?
[7:15] Does Parvesh have any family members who also got into acting?
[9:00] Parvesh has a lot of respect for Alex Billings, who has helped him stay authentic, and to shape his craft.
[11:15] So many actors have such a fear about their image and what people think about them.
[13:00] Has YouTube or YouTubers complicated the acting industry? And what’s Parv’s opinion on this debate?
[16:30] Parvesh understands the difference with doing work that matters to him vs. taking a part just because the rent is due.
[19:05] Is racial typecasting still as prevalent as before or has it improved?
[21:55] What advice does Parvesh have for new actors?
[29:50] What does success look like for Parvesh?
[34:00] Parvesh talks about his new reoccurring role in the TV show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
[38:25] Looking back, is there anything that Parvesh wish he did differently?
[43:45] If you love acting and want to be an actor, does Parvesh believe you should go ‘all in’?
[46:05] What gets Parvesh excited?
[54:20] Parvesh’s family knew he was doing ‘okay’ when he could pay rent through his acting career.
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“Your own perspective is your own reality.”

“Be you, and be the best you.”

“Sometimes you have to do your own stuff. Otherwise, who are you doing it for?”

“To make your mark as an actor you also have to write.”

“The BS ‘everything is so great’ is always so odd to me.”

“If it’s so soul-crushing for you to do, then you have to change your job.”