Peter Hollens - A Cappella YouTube Artist Fuels His Dream and the Creator Revolution

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A YouTube artist grows a musical career on his terms, while inspiring and educating an industry and other creators along the way


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On the show this week is pop singer and producer, digital creator and wildly popular a cappella YouTube artist, Peter Hollens. And let me tell you, everything Peter does is awesome.

If you’re familiar with him, then you already know he creates amazing music and videos, collaborates with a ton of great artists, and is a powerhouse of creativity. That’s everything I knew about him before our interview.

Here’s what most may not know about Peter. He’s also a pivotal digital influencer and business-minded artist. In the creator revolution that we’re in, he’s not only mastering how to succeed in the social media and digital platforms, but he’s also advising companies like YouTube and Patreon, and teaching other creatives how to navigate their careers in these spaces. This conversation is definitely like going behind the business of an online music and YouTube career.

Today’s episode is a great way to get to know Peter differently, and have a better understanding of making a creative career online. I’m so glad he’s sharing his business and music story with us on the podcast.


Key Takeaways

[2:06] Peter describes the unexpected road that has led to his music career.
[4:12] How Peter ended up behind the mic and decided to focus on recording his own music.
[8:50] Collaboration with other artists pushed Peter to want to be a better person.
[13:29] As Peter and his business have grown, how does he stay true to the music he enjoys?
[16:12] Peter and Christopher discuss how technology has changed a musician’s approach to releasing an album vs. “drip content.”
[20:43] Peter tries to give value back to his own audience and enjoys the challenge of restrategizing on YouTube to gain new followers.
[24:51] Why using digital spaces comes naturally to Peter.
[29:38] How does Peter look at his world and describe himself?
[31:34] Peter loves helping other musicians learn how to create an online digital career.
[34:40] Building a talented team has allowed Peter to grow his business and art, and still do what he loves.
[37:25] Even as a successful creator, Peter started from a small group of listeners to making a living on YouTube.
[39:33] Peter shares how he balances life to integrate work and time with his family.
[41:46] What keeps Peter energized?
[43:27] Peter shares the things that paralyze him and how he can use those things to create meaningful music.
[46:00] How Peter thinks differently, now that he’s a parent, and how it affects his musical taste and desires.
[48:04] Where to find Peter online.
[49:23] What did you think? Any new ideas or questions? Call us at 1-707-347-9312 to share ideas, stories and feedback. Also, we have even more content, stories and ideas at Here’s how to connect and find out more.


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“One of the best things in life is trying to challenge yourself to become a better person each and every day.”

“There is no better reason to wake up in the morning than to help other people and to educate other people.”


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