Peter Papas - How A Dream Became a Remarkable Clothing Company

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One man’s dreams and creativity bring a sense of timelessness, style, and life to a men’s clothing brand


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Today’s guest is Peter Papas, founder of Blade + Blue, an American clothing brand founded in San Francisco, specializing in heritage-inspired men’s clothing. Peter has been a long-time leader in fashion design and merchandising, working with global brands ranging from outlet and mass merchandise, to high-end luxury.

He’s used his knowledge and experiences, along with his dream, to create something different — to launch Blade + Blue in 2013. Peter shares his inspiration and reason for starting this company, how he’s put in the hard work to create a brand that continues to find fans around the world, and what’s next in his journey.

We also discuss his unique approach to marketing, style, and how he connects Blade + Blue to LGBTQ organizations and movements that are meaningful to Peter. He even peppers in sound advice for anyone ready to tackle their dreams. Peter is full of energy, loves what he does, and both easily come through in this conversation.


Key Takeaways

[1:43] How Peter describes Blade + Blue and how it started.
[5:38] Peter wanted to bring something human to the clothing and fashion market.
[10:47] What inspired Peter to take his own path and start something new?
[14:29] How the creativity surrounding Peter led him to work in fashion design and clothing.
[16:32] How music inspires Peter’s work.
[18:29] Peter’s unique “real-person” marketing includes guys from the neighborhood and from within his personal connections.
[22:45] Peter discusses being comfortable with who he is, and how that inspired him to be genuine and support LGBTQ communities.
[28:33] The big surprises since Peter started Blade and Blue
[34:33] Peter’s ideas have evolved and changed over the years.
[42:55] Who or what inspires Peter? And how Peter’s dad inspired the company?
[48:28] What’s next for Blade + Blue?
[52:33] Where to find Peter and Blade + Blue online.
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“What I thought was missing the most from the market was the idea that there is a human behind the products you are bringing into your life.”

“I really wanted this to feel like there was a soul behind what I am doing.”

“The timelessness of something beautiful and the timelessness of something great doesn’t end. It keeps going to be appreciated continually.”

“Everything is a parallel line to the idea of it being human. I really wanted Blade + Blue to almost be seen as a person in a way.”

“That is the beauty of doing things on your own. You can do whatever you want to do.”

“At this point in my life, I’m just going to be myself and be comfortable with that. I can’t be anything else except for who I am.”

“Knowing what you can successfully execute is a skill in and of itself.”

“It was those unexpected things that kept me afloat.”

“Plan as much as you want … but be prepared to stray from that.”

“There are going to be detours that you might not expect, but I would say embrace it and don’t just turn back around. Go down the road just a little bit and explore it.”

“Every time I tie a necktie I hear my dad in the back of my head, telling me where to place the tie, where to turn it over, where to turn it over…”