Rene Siegel - Creating a Positive Impact with Her Company and the Next Generation

My Big Story

Rene Siegel shares her STORY of leaving the corporate world, starting a communications and marketing consulting agency, and helping the next generations find mentorship and success




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Rene Siegel is president and founder of High Tech Connect, a marketing and communications consulting agency that tackles tough engagements for tech clients. They deliver subject matter expertise and experience – with the right attitude and energy – all to help their clients shine. When Rene left her corporate career in 1994, she never imagined she’d transition into becoming an entrepreneur shortly after her departure, but here she is today. She contributes a large part of her success to being honest and vulnerable with herself and having strong mentors nearby to help nudge her into new possibilities. Through her story, Rene has her sights on the future, specifically helping those early in their career, to find the monitorship and guidance they need to be successful.


Key Takeaways

[1:50] What is Rene’s “why?” Why she does what she does.
[5:55] How Rene’s company, High Tech Connect, circle back to her “why” and her purpose.
[10:30] Why did Rene start her company in 1997?
[13:15] Rene couldn’t keep putting her patience (and health) on the line. She needed to leave the corporate environment.
[14:35] Through some nudging from friends, Rene took that big leap into entrepreneurship. There was a real need for what Rene was doing.
[19:40] Rene realized a lot of college students weren’t getting basic career advice in school, which is why she created her program ConNEXT, to help the next generation.
[22:55] Rene’s corporate clients are trying to keep up with their work flow as well as learn about cutting edge and relevant technologies in their market.
[25:25] High Tech Connect launched #TipTuesday, helpful for both students, and young and seasoned professionals.
[27:25] We need to step out of our comfort zones to learn and use these new technologies.
[30:35] It takes a village!
[32:20] What does success look like for Rene?
[34:55] How do we move with the market?
[36:55] Rene works with several career coaches that help challenge her in new ways.
[42:00] How does Rene overcome her fear of the unknown?
[44:30] Rene shares advice on how you can personally find a trusted advisor.
[47:15] The more you can be yourself, the more honest you can be with your clients.
[50:35] How can other people follow this, ‘best work, best life’ mentality or journey?
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“It’s okay to get help. It’s okay to surround yourself with people, to delegate, & to trust.”

“Do what you can do really well, and then let the other subject experts help you.”

“You can’t change by letting people help you, if you’re only showing your best foot forward.”