Rick Goldschmidt - How an Artist Became the Rankin/Bass Historian by Following His Passion

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Rick Goldschmidt has made his passion for Rankin/Bass Productions his career, and thoughtfully shares his ‘why’ of becoming their official historian – and offers exclusive insights into the world of Rankin/Bass




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This week’s guest is Rick Goldschmidt, official historian and biographer of Rankin/Bass Productions, the company that brought us holiday television favorites like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town, Frosty the Snowman, and featured films such as The Last Unicorn, Mad Monster Party, and the animated version of The Hobbit. Rankin/Bass has also made many animated TV specials and series, including fan favorite, Thunder Cats. For almost 20 years, Rick has followed his passion for Rankin/Bass Productions, also realizing the rich history of their work and creatives were being lost in the shuffle of show ownership. Rick’s dedication allowed him to publish multiple books about Rankin/Bass, and has two websites dedicated to keep the Rankin/Bass Animagic alive. In this conversation with Christopher, Rick talks about how he made his work as a historian for Rankin/Bass into his career and passion, and thoughtfully shares his ‘why’ and some inside stories only Rick could know.


Key Takeaways

[1:47] Having been a fan of Rankin/Bass since childhood, Christopher is very excited to be talk to Rick on this episode.
[3:02] Rick describes what he does as the historian for Rankin/Bass.
[5:04] How an important driving force in what Rick does is to ensure creatives who are being lost in the shuffle of show ownership get the rightful credit for their work.
[9:51] Why Rick believes following his calling and passion in life led him to work with Rankin/Bass.
[13:31] The importance of preserving the authenticity of original creations by their artists.
[16:27] How Rick’s passion for art in high school and college degree in illustration lead him to follow a career path in arts.
[22:58] What has surprised Rick the most along the course of his career with Rankin/Bass?
[24:27] What it’s like for Rick to have a career that is also his passion and how he keeps reinventing to keep the passion alive.
[27:52] Rick creativity extends to starting his own band, The Starving Artist, back in high school.
[33:53] Is there anything Rick would change or do differently around the work he has done with Rankin/Bass?
[38:25] What advice does Rick have for anyone that is looking to follow in similar footsteps or a passion they’re excited about?
[41:27] Find out which events and projects are coming up next for Rick?
[44:05] How to best follow along with Rick and his work online.
[45:28] Rick shares how some of his early childhood connections to Rankin/Bass are linked to his calling.
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“It’s exciting when you find new stuff & you put pieces together that you didn’t know about. It brings the whole story into a bigger picture.”

“I always drew in school. I always had a passion for art.”

“I’m always thinking of ways to do new things.”

“I think everything that I’ve done, I’m pretty proud of.”

“You have to be driven and you have to be the type of person that can relax, and can enjoy life and what you’re doing.”