Sean Sarantos - Following a Dream to Make Happier Rescue Dogs

My Big Story

A man passionate about the care of dogs, launches a plan and new dog-themed retail and lifestyle business, with the purpose of creating a rescue ranch for dogs in need


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Special announcement: Welcome to year two of the show. After a fun year of exploring and growing, I’ve learned so much from my guests and by producing the show. I’ve also continued to explore the areas where I show up, and the things I want to share with the world. All of this has helped me to focus my ideas more, which includes this show.

I’m excited to share that starting with year two, I’ve changed the name of the show. Living Your Journey with Christopher Swan is now My Big Story with Christopher Swan. I realized that ‘story’ was the key ingredient in so many things that I do and share. Also, guests are really sharing their big stories when they are on the show. As much as I enjoyed the journey, story gives us a little room to stretch for special conversations, and in the end, connects better to what I’m already sharing.

The show isn’t really changing. It still has the same focus with guests that are living a life they love that we can learn from. What you will see that is different, is our name, our look, and our music. So yeah, the packaging is different, but the meaningful content is the same, with maybe some extras in the future.


Today’s guest is Sean Sarantos, who is a well-known fitness instructor and model, but most recently has launched a new business, Dapper Dogs, to help him reach the goal of opening a rescue sanctuary for dogs. Dapper Dogs is becoming the new hub for dog lovers, currently offering originally designed apparel and merchandise, and will even grow with additional information, resources, and even entertainment.

Sean and I talk about his passion for helping dogs, how his business supports his sanctuary dream, the realities of starting a new business, and his fitness work and past experiences.

We also talk about the night he was stabbed by an unprovoked stranger and how it shaped his future. Sean is happy to share anything he can to help anyone listening.


There’s also one thing to note about this episode. There is a lot of colorful adult language; which isn’t really typical for our episodes. So if you have children around, it’s time to put your headphones on.


Key Takeaways

[2:09] Christopher welcomes today’s guest, Sean Sarantos.
[5:46] What inspired Sean to be a champion for dogs?
[13:23] Sean shares his dreams of a rescue ranch and why this is the right option vs. just providing donations to other organizations.
[19:22] Sean explains his hopes for Dapper Dog – how it works, and more.
[22:51] How Sean is able to use his passion for art and creativity in his business.
[25:24] Sean’s wife is a vital support as he’s creating his business, and he explains why this matters.
[30:20] Mental funks happen to the most motivated people, and Sean explains how he manages his way out of it.
[31:17] Sean shares what it means to start a business and what his long term goals are for Dapper Dog.
[33:23] Sean speak about his connection to the fitness industry, his business FitFreak Project, and how fitness became a big part of his life when he served in the military.
[43:16] How Sean has demonstrated his desire for meaning and value in everything he does.
[47:33] What happened the night Sean was stabbed and how it has shaped Sean’s life.
[55:43] Sean is using his past experiences, work ethic, and desire, to grow his business – and reach his dreams.
[1:02:25] Where to find Sean and Dapper Dogs online.
[1:04:58] What did you think? Any new ideas or questions? Call us at 1-707-347-9312 to share ideas, stories and feedback. Also, we have even more content, stories and ideas at Here’s how to connect and find out more.


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“Most of the time, if I doubt myself, I fight it.”

“You have to find your voice and be authentic about it.”

“We get absorbed into these ‘likes,’ because it’s a little addictive.”

“I tend to share things in my past, because it’s helped me become who I am.”

“If you are passionate about something, you’ll find a way to get it done.”


Fun with Link and Clark



Sean shares a personal insight to his why, for Dapper Dogs