Special Edition - Three Unique Women Share Stories of Living Intentionally

My Big Story

Three women in separate, brief conversations, share stories and lessons they’ve learned about authenticity, growth, balance, and connection




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This week, we’re doing things a little differently. Instead of a new guest on the show, you get me, and three past guests: Pat Wadors, Natalie Patterson, and Deborah Dalton. We’re revisiting a few conversations that I really enjoyed, and focusing in on a few moments of great advice and storytelling. This isn’t a greatest moment sort of thing. Instead it’s a few conversations that I love and stories that bring their advice to life. It’s also a great way to hear something from a past episode you may have missed.

Here’s the truth, this is an experiment. If you love it, let me know. Or even if you have suggestions, tell me that too. All of my contact info is in the show notes.

About the conversations — I will set up each conversation with a little context, about the guest, why this specific conversation matters, and so on. That way, it’s easy to jump straight into the interview excerpts.


More about the guests included in this episode:

  • Pat Wadors, Chief HR Officer for LinkedIn
  • Natalie Patterson, Poet, Teaching Artist, and President of the nonprofit Sister Support
  • Deborah Dalton, Executive Director of the Sonoma County-based nonprofit, Mentor Me


I absolutely love these conversations, and I hand picked each one to include here. I think you’ll find some great nuggets of goodness in each conversation.


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Key Takeaways

[2:09] Christopher introduces the episode’s first guest, Pat Wadors, the Chief HR Officer for LinkedIn, and her thoughts on being authentic and why it matters.
[4:10] You can be a subject matter expert, but if you’re not authentic about who you are, the chances of people trusting you are reduced significantly.
[5:27] Pat shares her experience of working with a coach to gain an understanding of why a group of people seemed to not like her at work.
[7:24] Pat says, “Here is who I am as a human being,” to describe how she works with others; which has led to a trusting relationship with her co-workers.
[9:28] Christopher introduces a second conversation with Pat about using intent to stay true to purpose, and a story of new opportunity.
[10:18] Pat creates an annual intention document to be thoughtful about her year. She’s also realized that her introversion held her back, which leads her saying “yes” a lot more.
[11:59] Moments of ‘yes’ are moments for Pat to pause and think about the gift she wants to leave behind.
[12:31] Being intentional about how you belong.
[15:58] Christopher introduces the next guest, Natalie Patterson, who uses art and conversation to connect with others, and to help them think beyond the status quo.
[17:46] The best way to combat feeling down is by recognizing the blessings you have, and Natalie shares a power phrase to shape our thinking.
[21:23] Natalie is drawn to poetry and shares how it creates unexpected connections.
[26:23] The next guest is Deborah Dalton, Executive Director of the Sonoma County-based nonprofit, Mentor Me. She speaks to finding balance in life with a different perspective.
[34:28] In the second conversation between Deborah and Christopher, they talk about leadership and professional growth, as Deborah shares honestly about not knowing all of the answers — and it’s a lessons we can adapt to our own lives.
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“I get to do this.” — Natalie Patterson

“You can’t see the sky looking down. Chin up and go out into the world and find an adventure…” — Natalie Patterson

“If I start saying, ‘I get to do this…’ everything seems like a gift.“ — Natalie Patterson

“Get out of other people’s relationships, manage your own energy — you are not actually helping.” — Deborah Dalton