Tony Tharae - Prioritizing His Passion for Storytelling and Filmmaking

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Tony Tharae is a filmmaker and storyteller. He’s also a single father, and is finding a way to tell his stories without letting time slip by. Tony talks about his current projects including a graphic novel and a sci-fi series – and TOny shares his thoughtful observations and thinking that’s allowed him to pursue his passion.




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This week Tony Tharae joins the show. He leads a creative life as a filmmaker and a storyteller. Tony is a creative powerhouse who dabbles in all sorts of media from film to illustration to branding and beyond. He has a background in Fine Arts and Mechanical Engineering. He has created work for major companies like Yahoo!, Disney ABC Television Group, Qualcomm, Allergan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Condé Nast, and Sony, as well as independent filmmakers, musicians, and other artists.

Today we discuss Tony’s journey of film and storytelling including his leap from a steady brand job to focusing on his independent creative ventures. We discuss his recent and current projects including the film 2081, RIFT and a graphic novel The Ninth Minute. Also, we have a great conversation about storytelling – how it crosses mediums, how it’s different than just filmmaking why it matters to him and more. Tony is doing what he loves and pursuing his passion. He is also a single father making it work with his time and his schedule. We also geek out a bit talking through the creative, independent artists and even a little sci-fi.


Key Takeaways

  • Finding something that you can do as a job that doesn’t intrude on your passion projects
  • Being a creative director served Tony’s greater goal of becoming a filmmaker
  • Not limiting yourself to only one creative outlet
  • How even 10 years ago there was a very defined path for TV, now there are more opportunities and mediums for creativity that still get noticed
  • How storytelling has evolved and why it matters
  • The Do It Yourself movement for musicians, photographers and other creatives
  • The ability to find your audience
  • RIFT is a lost style science fiction series, the pre visualization clips are viewable online
  • His graphic novel project is a pre-apocalyptic story of a couple of people left behind – The Ninth Minute
  • How having different project helps to energize your focus
  • Creative challenges – there are days where creatives hit low points, but there are more days where excitement for the future of the project shines through
  • How Tony went from living in New York, where big dreams and big projects seemed possible, to being an art director in LA
  • How working on the film 2081 helped ignite Tony’s fire for storytelling
  • Tony’s realization that he had to re-prioritize his work, still being responsible but spending time on his passion projects
  • If you really love a pursuit there is no time limit, you can work on it as long as you want
  • How critical it is to have a sense of connection when pursuing creative projects


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“It’s a long time between the time when you decide what you are going to be and the time at which that career pays for itself.”
“At the core, we just look for different ways to tell the story.”