Tyler J. McCall - Pursuing His Dreams by Helping Other Entrepreneurs

My Big Story

How an entrepreneur and Instagram marketer helps creatives be genuine and successful on Instagram


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On the show this week is Tyler J. McCall, an entrepreneur and marketer, who’s helping creatives use Instagram to grow their businesses.

Tyler has a fresh perspective to business, admittedly, still figuring it all out. And that’s part of his wisdom and charm. He left a 9-5 job at the YMCA, and is following his entrepreneurial spirit.

If you don’t have it all figured out, your passion or career, this is a good episode for you. Because you’ll hear from someone who is making his business happen, successfully, and with honesty. The perspective you’ll hear is different than the, air quote, guru, ninja, or the, make loads of money quick ‘schpiel’ we often see online. This is a smart guy, sharing his knowledge, and pursuing a life he wants.

You’ll learn more about Tyler and his story, his company, and even advice for beginners to business, with a dash of new perspectives about showing up online.

Lastly, everyone hears me say great things about my guests. And it’s all true. But here’s the thing about Tyler — his community says amazing things about him daily. Just look at the comments in his Instagram feed or in his Facebook group. People really do love connecting with him.


Key Takeaways

[1:52] How Christopher and Tyler connected online.
[3:51] What energizes Tyler as an entrepreneur?
[7:07] Tyler realized he needed to be true to himself, leaving a structured career path, and started to follow his dreams.
[10:52] What it means to be meaningful and intentional in social media.
[13:10] Tyler has learned “how to show up” online, by being honest and true, but also knows it’s important to protect himself.
[16:49] The difference between being authentic and being honest online, and why it matters.
[19:20] The online version of ourselves versus real life.
[22:16] Tyler shares how his life has evolved, and how his online community brings him value.
[25:06] Tyler’s approach to being an entrepreneur is community over competition.
[29:35] How does Tyler stay in the moment, and not allow fear to paralyze him?
[31:56] Advice for jumping from the corporate world to pursuing your own business or dreams.
[34:22] Follow along with Tyler online.
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“Don’t confuse authenticity for messiness…”

“We are craving connection, nowadays.”

“There is enough to go around. Competition is a myth.”

“Operate your business from confidence and belief that there is enough for you.”

“You are going to learn a lot. You do not know everything. I don’t know everything.”