Victor Herrera - How a Past Graffiti Artist Created a Professional Art Career

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The transformative story of the self-taught artist, Victor Herrera, pouring his artistic talent into painting whimsical and twisted characters.




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Artist Victor Herrera, also known to many as Victor H., paints street-styled art on various mediums such canvas, wood and clothing. He describes his work as whimsical and slightly unnerving—think of much of it as illustrated characters with a spin. It’s also clear that his days painting graffiti on the streets as a kid carried over to his work today. His work can be found in the homes of collectors, on limited edition runs of apparel, and has even made a few appearances at celebrity events.
Victor doesn’t have a formal education in art. In fact, he was working a technical job prior to working full-time as an artist. He’s also color blind. All of this is part of Victor’s story—how he came into his own as an artist, and continues to grow. This conversation is all about discovering what you love, testing the waters and pursuing a new career. Victor is humble and real, giving this conversation weight and meaning.


Key Takeaways

[1:37] How Victor Herrera turned to art from a technical career.
[2:27] Why does Victor create art?
[7:45] Victor describes the style of his art.
[8:08] How Victor learned he is color blind and became a successful artist anyway.
[10:10] How Victor has pursued his goals regardless of a lack of formal training.
[11:26] Victor shares experiences of feeling like he failed and how mentors and friends helped him to realize the worth of his art.
[14:14] What inspired Victor to leave a technical job and jump into art.
[17:23] How a mentor helped Victor learn the ropes of creating and selling art.
[21:36] What led Victor to create characters that are both whimsical and dark?
[25:26] How does Victor’s past influence the art he creates today?
[28:49] Victor shares how he started sharing his artwork on social media and how his business has evolved.
[31:17] How Victor works with his customers, timelines, and manages the pace of his projects.
[32:56] What and who inspires Victor?
[40:08] Victor shares milestones of success in his career, advice he’s received, and how he overcame feelings of inadequacy.
[46:29] How Victor assures his clients are happy.
[52:30] What advice does Victor have for someone who wants to start a career in art?
[54:39] Where to find Victor online.
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“Definitely just do it. You have nothing to lose.”

“Someone is going to hate it. Someone is definitely going to love it. So just go for it.”

“We are extra critical of our own stuff and we kind of get in our own way.”

“Art should take its time, and whenever it’s done, it’s done.”

“You just have to know yourself.”

“Inspiration is everywhere—you just have to look.”

“If you fail, it’s your job to pick yourself up and learn from that.”

“Whatever it is you’re doing, just know it’s going to evolve to whatever it’s going to be.”



Lucifer by Artist Victor H.


Portfolio Sample