Wade Davis - Advocating for Equality and Compassion

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A former NFL player dedicates his life to educating others about gender, race, and orientation equality – and this is his story.




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This week’s guest is Wade Davis, a former NFL player that is now helping to educate the world about gender, race, and orientation equality. He’s launched various campaigns and partnered with organizations like the Ms. Foundation, Ebony magazine, the NFL, and Huffington Post Women, to share his messages. He’s also very much focused on highlighting issues that directly impact women and girls.

Wade and Christopher talk about the why and the how behind his journey, and the impact he’s hoping to make. Journey is the perfect word here, as Wade went from playing for the NFL, to coming out publicly as a gay man, to advocating for the LGBTQ community, to broadening his influence to gender and race equality. Wade shares terrific personal stories, and a deeper look into his purpose to help others. I really resonate with Wade’s efforts, as the topics he’s challenging are also important to me. Knowing that equality is top-of-mind for so many of us, I think you’ll enjoy this conversation — and you’ll even hear some advice about pursuing your own truth.


Key Takeaways

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[1:48] Christopher introduces his guest, Wade Davis.
[3:04] What inspired Wade to become a voice for equality?
[6:53] How do gender, race, and orientation equality intersect, and why they are important to Wade.
[10:12] Are people starting to bridge the gap, and understanding Wade’s narrative?
[13:23] How Wade’s feelings about social injustice were awakened through life experiences.
[16:18] What prompted Wade to come out publicly when he did?
[21:17] Wade describes his work with You Can Play, and how he started a meaningful conversation with LGBTQ youth athletes.
[25:17] How Wade has learned how to be an activist, and how to have compassion for those that do not have the same views.
[27:01] How did Wade’s TEDx talk influence his path?
[30:43] Wade shares his experience of being the only man on a panel of women, and how he is working toward learning even more, as he sits in places that are uncomfortable.
[32:11] How Wade handles sharing his opinion and others’ comments on social media.
[33:45] What challenges has Wade faced, and how has he learned to allow others to articulate their thoughts and feelings?
[38:58] Wade shares how he places himself in situations where he can share his message, and still remain friends with people who do not feel the same as he does.
[41:53] Wade talks about what he’s excited about, and how he hopes to change the conversation around gender equality.
[44:39] For anyone wanting to shift an idea, enable a movement in their community, or affect their sphere of influence, Wade shares his advice.
[48:51] Christopher and Wade agree, that when you align your purpose and passion, the more skin you have in the game, and then, the more you want to keep doing.
[49:36] Wade says that every time he has been afraid, then he knows he’s on the right path.
[51:38] Where to find Wade online.
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“I don’t want you to think there is a right or wrong, but there is a compassion.”

“If you ever try to show up like you’ve got it all figured out, no one wants to talk to you.”

“Sit in the space of uncomfortableness and you will grow.”

“We have to shift the language from ‘change hearts and minds’ to having open and honest conversations.”

“We are not here to fix people. We are whole individuals.”

“How do I have compassion for people that don’t think the way I do?”

“Sit in stillness, and think about what you are really passionate about.”

“Being out of the box, … is fine … and they are entitled to being what and who they are just by the virtue of being.”



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