My Big Story with Christopher Swan

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This is inspiring, behind-the-curtain stuff! Christopher's special genius is picking the kind of people and stories the rest of us are intrigued and motivated by. What I like most of all about the show though, is the conversation is real.

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Real stories from real people! Living, learning and finding their way. Such a brilliant idea.

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Christopher has such a dynamic presence getting to the depth of each guest's character and what motivates, inspires and keeps them moving along their life paths - to get to do the professions that bring them the most joy and meaning.

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If you haven't subscribed to their podcast, do it now. There's insight and heart in every episode.

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Christopher has hit upon something truly inspirational and motivational. Each story inspires me to dig a little deeper into myself; and I've been inspired to make changes in my own life because of this. Thank you!

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