Our Story

We inspire people to embrace their passions to create a life they love.


We’re a media and entertainment company that shares stories and creativity, with a big side of purpose. We want people to discover their passions, celebrate their uniqueness, ignite their imaginations and belong to something bigger—a movement of loving life on purpose. And we’ll share advice and guidance that’s approachable, actionable and entertaining.


Our stories and ideas come in different forms—from informative interviews to a variety of entertaining shows to helpful articles and resources to live events—because you never know where you’ll find a new idea or the information that changes everything.


Keep exploring and be remarkable.


The Facts

  • Founded in 2008
  • Became a communication company in 2012
  • Launched as a media/entertainment company in 2016
  • First show, My Big Story with Christopher Swan (previously titled, Living Your Journey with Christopher Swan) launched April 5, 2016

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The Founder

The Face Behind The Brand

Christopher Swan

After a long career in communication and marketing, Christopher decided to expand his journey to include his love for storytelling, entertainment, and spreading ideas around the world. This transformational moment also helped him realize he could use his experiences to help others, inspiring them to love their life. When he’s not preparing another story or sharing new ideas, he’s either out hiking the regional parks, streaming his favorite shows, ordering pizza from the best pizza shop in the world, or catching up with friends over a bottle of wine from a local winery. Christopher lives in the Sonoma Wine Country along with his boyfriend, their dog Luigi and cat Murphy.

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