Our Story

We inspire dreamers to become doers, and celebrate the uniqueness in everyone.


We’re a media and entertainment company that shares stories and resources that will inspire, educate, and entertain. We want people to discover their passions, celebrate their uniqueness, take action on their dreams, and belong to something bigger—a movement of loving life, and doing great things.


Our stories and ideas are shared in different ways—from inspiring interviews, to actionable resources, to inspiration we can wear, to creative entertainment that sparks our imaginations, to live events—because we never know where we’ll find the inspiration or idea that changes everything.


The Timeline

2008 Founded as a personal blog to share interesting information and resources

2012 Became a communication company, sharing resources for communicators and offering consulting services

2016 Launched as a media/entertainment company, as a new destination for inspiring content that supports dreamers, entertains, and celebrates uniqueness—with a goal to grow this network with shows (podcasts and videos) from creators who compliment our vision, to add resources to help people do more of what they love, and to raise the voices across the diversity spectrum

2016 | April 5, 2016 Our first show launched, My Big Story with Christopher Swan (previously titled, Living Your Journey with Christopher Swan)

2017 Articles are launched, sharing advice and resources to follow dreams and passions, spotlights of inspiring people and organizations, and ways to express our uniqueness

2018 Season two of My Big Story is released with a new production and an additional storyline

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The Founder

The Face Behind The Brand


After a long career in the corporate world of communication and marketing, Christopher set out on a new adventure to discover inspiring people, meaningful stories, smart ideas, and inspiration in unexpected places. Because he struggled initially in knowing how to re-invent his story, he’s using his experiences to help other dreamers, also become doers. Christopher also realized his love of entertainment could be integrated into the way he shares his finds with the world–making inspiration and learning a lot more fun.

Christopher describes himself as forever curious and that’s what energizes him to explore the world.

When he’s not traveling to meet the guest on his show or deep in a conversation in his Instagram community, he’s out hiking a local mountain, ordering pizza from the best pizza shop in the world, or catching up with friends over a bottle of wine from a local winery. Christopher lives in the Sonoma Wine Country along with his partner, their dog Luigi and cat Murphy.

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Christopher Swan


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