Anna Harris - Smart Opportunities and Experienced Goal-Setting

My Big Story

Anna Harris’ journey to interior design was through a path of making smart opportunities in her IT and finance careers




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Christopher Swan chats with L.A. based interior designer, Anna Harris. In this interview, Anna expresses that she finally found “her people” when starting to learn interior design. Though she has worked in IT and finance for a long time, previous to jumping into design, don’t let that fool you. Anna finds creativity in all of it. Her story is really about discovering and taking advantage of life’s many opportunities, and how those opportunities do not have to be an all-or-nothing decision. Anna offers some very sound advice. So listen in to discover Anna’s great way of looking at life, her take on interior design, and finding inspiration among many other topics.


Key Takeaways

[1:37] This interview feels like a full circle moment for Christopher.
[2:53] Find out how Anna is branching out.
[4:57] How did Anna transition into interior design? At what point did it click for her that she has found “her tribe”?
[10:01] Anna’s focus on residential design in her own practice is very rewarding.
[13:55] Back in the day, how and why did Anna get into programming, IT and Finance?
[22:46] Anna’s only goal is to continue to be opportunistic because she thinks it has served her well.
[25:18] How Anna now feels about having previously been in the IT and finance space.
[27:16] Anna’s advice to herself now that she has gone through her many goals.
[30:01] Where Anna finds inspiration and how she applies it.
[33:31] Anna recommends some sources of inspiration including Interior Design and Dwell magazines.
[38:55] Anna’s favorite thing she has learned so far.
[42:32] Anna offers great advice for anyone who’s looking to transition into a different line of work or follow their big dream. Find out how to set yourself up to succeed!
[47:42] Follow along with Anna and her work on
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“You might have a big dream but you have to really do your homework and see – What would it take to achieve that dream and do I have that?”

“There’s always some ‘aha’ moment with the clients that really helps inspire me and gel an idea.”

“I really thrive on the collaboration and the working through adjusting this, that and the other thing.”

“I blame fashion on that lime green phenomenon that has just taken over the planet.”

“I realized that if I stayed I’d still be doing the same kinds of things and not really learning anything new, and I would only be staying out of fear.”