Bobby Jo Valentine - Bridging Ideas and People Through Meaningful Music + LIVE PERFORMANCE

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A singer-songwriter uses his music to connect communities and influence the world with his messages of hope and curiosity




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Singer-songwriter Bobby Jo Valentine and I recently spent the afternoon at his home, in Napa, CA. Bobby is an independent artist, crossing genres with music based in hope-folk, soul-pop, and poetic rock. The focus of his music is to provide meaningful connections to his listeners.

Interestingly, as he tours across the U.S. (and soon Europe), he intentionally performs for a variety of communities, specifically with LGBTQ and faith-based communities. This is where Bobby can create an important intersection of love, hope, and curiosity.

Bobby initially caught my attention, because of his music and our shared, local community. As I found out more, I was intrigued by the way Bobby was connecting with communities and how that was driven from his values and perspectives of the world.

This interview isn’t just about a music career. It’s also about how one man wants to bridge people and ideas, and he’s using his music to do it.

Of course, we do get into Bobby’s music and career, talk about his upcoming album, and we wrap it all up with a live performance of Bobby’s new song, Trading In. And that was amazing.


Key Takeaways

[2:17] Bobby loves writing songs he describes as “stubbornly hopeful.”
[4:46] Bobby shares his experience growing up as an Independent Fundamental Baptist, coming out as gay, and returning to faith, in a new way.
[7:54] How seeking to learn rather than being wrong or right has helped Bobby to look for truth in all places.
[8:53] How do Bobby’s faith, community, and music intersect?
[11:52] Rather than being a star on a stage, Bobby’s goal is meet the audience in their space, at the same level.
[13:38] Being open to inspiration is important to Bobby, since it provides him an opportunity to make music outside of one genre of music.
[15:46] Bobby describes his version of being an independent artist, in today’s music world.
[20:03] Bobby and Christopher discuss his unexpectedly popular YouTube video of “Want to Grow Old With You” that he performed at a wedding.
[22:53] His new album is like hanging out with Bobby in your living room, intimate and warm.
[25:23] Bobby talks about his new album, Maybe Stars.
[26:47] Advice for those wanting to break into the music world.
[35:48] Bobby continues to strive to connect with people, and share truths that he’ learning.
[37:52] LIVE PERFORMANCE: Bobby performs live for Christopher, with one of his new songs, “Trading In.”
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Drowning (recorded live)


First Dance – “Want to Grow Old With You”


Lion in the Summer