Chris Gaida - How a Former Celebrity Escort Follows His Curiosity for Life

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Chris Gaida is best known publicly for the #1 Amazon bestselling book, Arm Candy: A Celebrity Escort’s Tales From The Red Carpet. However, Chris shares more about his story in the entertainment world and how curiosity continues to drive his passions.




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Chris Gaida is best known publicly for the #1 Amazon bestselling book, Arm Candy: A Celebrity Escort’s Tales From The Red Carpet. However, there’s so much more to know about Chris. He’s held various roles in the entertainment industry, as a producer and development producer, marketed film festivals, and more. Chris shares why he wrote his book, responses to it, his path through the entertainment world, and the lessons he has learned paying his dues. But most importantly, he talks about his passion to learn and you’ll hear how curiosity plays the main role in his story.


Key Takeaways

[0:44] What is an A list celebrity escort? Chris’s book shares his experience as a red carpet A list celebrity escort.
[2:27] There’s so much more about Chris than just Arm Candy.
[4:20] Chris describes his career trajectory and passion – they are two different things for him.
[5:54] How does Chris connect with his passion of always wanting to learn and to try?
[9:21] Why did Chris decide to write a book about being a celebrity escort? What was his vision for the book?
[12:47] How did he overcome the daunting process of writing a book about himself?
[15:56] How does Chris deal with procrastination or pushing things off?
[18:54] How did the support or backlash effect Chris moving forward in the next step of his career?
[21:08] The more people you know, the more people actually are influenced by you.
[22:17] Chris was extremely shy when he was younger.
[24:07] The more things you try the more you have fun experiences and meet new people.
[25:21] Chris shares about the early days in his career, dues paid and lessons learned.
[27:25] Chris is considering going back to school!
[29:03] It’s about doing what you love.
[30:12] What keeps Chris moving ahead and doing his job really well? It’s not about doing a perfect job but doing the job as best you can.
[34:01] What inspires Chris to do more and to learn more?
[36:55] Chris learned more from talking to Julia Roberts. Taking a picture with her didn’t do anything for him.
[40:37] Chris offers advice for anyone who’s struggling in their career or feeling stuck.
[43:19] Chris takes us through his world.
[48:17] All of us have at least 5 curiosities, and why not go for all of them?
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“Because it’s difficult, I need to do it.”
“It’s about doing what you love.”
“If you’re gonna do something, do it well. You don’t have to do it perfect.”
“I jumped out of a plane and literally an hour later I was a completely different person.”
“I try to figure out what the problem is rather than just mask it.”
“All of us have at least 5 curiosities and why not go for all of them?”