Clinton Leupp (Miss Coco Peru) - The Intriguing Story Behind His Drag Icon

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Clinton Leupp (Miss Coco Peru) has followed his passions and dream of working in entertainment – and these are the stories of his unique journey with fun anecdotes, challenges and highlights, advice, and more.




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This week, the amazing storyteller and performer, Clinton Leupp, or known to the world as the celebrated drag icon, Miss Coco Peru, joins Christopher Swan on the podcast.

Miss Coco has been entertaining us with comedic monologues and endearing stories for 25 years. In addition to the many original stage shows, she’s found in films including Trick, Girls Will Be Girls, and TV Series such as Will & Grace and Arrested Development. Though most recently, Miss Coco has found additional notoriety in her clever YouTube and Vine videos.

Clinton has an intriguing story beyond Miss Coco — and how he followed his dream of working in entertainment. He shares how he created his own unique path (like starting Coco for the first time), challenges and highlights along the way, career advice, and much more.


Key Takeaways

[2:41] What’s the ‘why’ behind Clinton and Miss Coco? — Why be a storyteller, monologist and performer?
[4:19] How having the epiphany to create Miss Coco Peru brought Clinton’s passion to life.
[5:59] Clinton sees drag in the theatre for the first time and knew he was going to become a modern day two-spirit.
[7:31] The overwhelming yet powerful experience which, to this day, has him pushing himself through fear.
[8:54] How Clinton decided to give his voice to the LGBT community so that kids would never have to go through what he went through.
[10:24] Being in drag taught Clinton to be totally present and in the moment — giving rise to where his freedom, liberation and excitement lives.
[12:03] Creating Coco allowed Clinton to embrace vulnerability and to express his hang-ups in a healthy way.
[15:36] The early journey of promoting Coco involved a lot of hard work, dedication, word of mouth, hustling, and even spray painting the sidewalk.
[21:34] Coco gets a lot of emails from young people who ask him how to become famous, but he says “It takes real work, it’s not just about being famous, you’ve got to follow the thing that you really love to do.”
[27:49] Why Coco believes young girls are connecting with his YouTube videos.
[30:24] Clinton’s thoughts on his journey so far, his goals and future aspirations.
[38:21] Clinton’s latest creation, Conversations with Coco, is a now TV pilot starring Miss Coco Peru, leading one-on-one conversations with celebrities he admires.
[41:42] Clinton shares some of the highlights of his journey, including getting married to his husband in Spain and flying in a helicopter with Liza Minelli.
[45:10] Filming the movie Trick changed Clinton’s life, and he had a full circle/aha moment after seeing it at Sundance Film Festival.
[48:47] Clinton (and Miss Coco) doesn’t feel like a celebrity, but loves it when he feels appreciated.
[52:06] What advice does Clinton have for somebody who wants to either follow in the path of a performer or to follow their dream?
[53:43] Looking back at his journey and how he started, is there anything Clinton would change or do differently?
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“From when I was very little, I wanted to be a performer. That was always the constant thing in my life.”

“I sort of had this epiphany to create Coco, and it was very liberating for me, and I just knew that I had found my passion.”

“I just decided that I was gonna do drag, and that I was gonna be a modern day two-spirit, and I was going to tell my story.”

“When you’re in drag and you walk out into the world, there is absolutely no turning back — you have to be totally present and in the moment.”

“Sometimes what we think of as success, isn’t what brings happiness — it’s the working, it’s the creating that brings it.”

“Figure out what you do well and really just focus on that.”