Henri Hebert - How an Exhausted Reality TV Producer Created a New Balance

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Henri Hebert reveals how health concerns became a serious wake up call to her obsessive focus on work, and how she created a new balanced direction




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Henri Hebert is a long time television producer, specializing in reality TV. She’s worked on shows like The X Factor, Biggest Loser, and The Jacksons: Next Generation. In our conversation with Henri today, we uncover the reality of what it’s like in a TV producing career, and how this fueled Henri’s need to find a better balance in life. The heart of our conversation is about how she found herself malnourished and dealing with a bout of pneumonia, and her subsequent realization that she was putting her basic needs and happiness second to her career. This was a life change that she desperately needed, and a lesson for all of us to learn.


Key Takeaways

[2:46] Henri knew at the age of five that someday she wanted to work in TV.
[5:40] Henri explains the true reality of being a producer in television.
[9:03] After years of working in the television business, Henri needed a change.
[11:33] How Henri received her “wake up call,” and decide to change her lifestyle.
[17:53] Society teaches us to choose achievements over health.
[20:23] The spark that started Henri talking about healthy living, and how she partnered with the Jacksons to co-found the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation.
[32:48] The Dee Dee Jackson Foundation began out of the desire to help people work through loss and grief.
[37:33] After Henri left The Jacksons: Next Generation, she experienced another turning point.
[39:36] It took reaching a real “breaking point,” for Henri to commit to change.
[47:37] How does everything she has learned, and the changes she has fought to make, show up in Henri’s life today?
[50:19] Henri has created Inspiring You, to help strive for a balanced life.
[56:38] Making sacrifices has been worth the health and peace that Henri has gained.
[59:10] Henri is grateful for the challenges that opened her eyes, so that she could learn to take care of herself.
[1:02:47] A very big lesson – give yourself permission.
[1:04:38] Here’s how you can follow Henri online.
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