Jack Rayner - A Life Full of Music, Determination and Clarity

My Big Story

Music producer Jack Rayner sits down with Christopher Swan to discuss his journey into producing music and how his journey continues to evolve bigger, to include a focus on a fulfilled and happy life. In the conversation, Jack talks about the reality of hard work, showing up, advice and even fun, memorable career highlights, including working with such well-known stars like Katy Perry. Jack’s insights and stories easily resonate, and are a lot of fun to hear.




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Jack Rayner is a music producer who has worked on many well-known projects such as Dancing With The Stars, Magic Mike, America’s Got Talent, and has worked with famous celebrities like Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and so many more. Jack has such a great attitude and shares fun stories and highlights of his career – as well as the struggles that helped him get to where he is today. Through the conversation, Jack outlines how his story may sound unique, but is a journey of determination, like so many other people. Jack also explains why he shifted his focus from just his career, to what he wants out of life and his future.


Key Takeaways

[4:05] How does Jack describe himself? What does he do?
[5:15] Jack started off as a dancer and has never taken a music class.
[6:55] You can become a music producer without having to master a particular instrument.
[12:50] One of the biggest factors to success is showing up.
[16:55] It always sounds so easy, but if you’re really dedicated to your craft, there will times where it’s challenging.
[18:35] Jack struggled through his craft for 10 years. He never gave up on his craft, but he was always waiting on cash or owed friends cash during that time.
[20:45] Jack talks about his big break and how sometimes life just aligns itself in just the right way.
[24:20] Jack never had a backup plan.
[30:15] Sometimes you just don’t get a clear vision in your head of what you want to be.
[32:35] Not everything is glamorous. Sometimes it’s just work.
[33:10] Things really started clicking for Jack in 2010.
[36:35] When Jack became more financially stable, he was able to reconnect with people that mattered. He was no longer in survivor mode.
[40:50] Does Jack have any career highlights that really stood out to him?
[48:35] What advice would Jack give to someone who’s just starting out?
[50:55] There’s so much power to just listening.
[51:35] What does the future look like for Jack?
[54:00] Most people are going through a version of what you’re going through.
[1:00:20] Jack loves to be inspired by art.
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“There are a couple of things that make success and one of the biggest, is showing up.”

“Not everything is glamorous, sometimes it’s just work.”

“We’re all unique, but not alone.”