Janet Robin - How Doing What She Loves Created an Impressive Music Career + LIVE PERFORMANCE

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Musician and phenomenal guitarist Janet Robin shares the stories and passion behind her successful and impressive musical career – and performs live at the end of the show.




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Musician Janet Robin joins Christopher Swan on this episode of Living Your Journey. Janet is a singer and a songwriter, but most notably an amazing guitarist. She’s been a successful solo artist for years and more recently founded The String Revolution. As a child she was taught by the famous heavy metal guitarist Randy Rhoads. Christopher and Janet talk about building a career with an all-female rock band, working with legends such as Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac and John Carter Cash, and how Janet successfully navigated going solo as a musician.

Janet and Christopher not only cover the world of music and the behind-the-scenes details, but also discuss what it’s like starting out and surviving as a musician. In addition, Janet’s experiences and advice can be applied to any dream or career, not just musicians. Excitedly, we end the episode with a live performance from Janet. So stay tuned for a real musical treat.


Key Takeaways

[1:45] What inspired Janet to explore music as a career.
[4:23] Janet shares her journey with creating her two latest albums.
[8:59] How did Janet get to record her album with John Carter Cash?
[13:37] Janet’s upbringing created opportunities later in life.
[16:13] How Janet’s goals changed as her career progressed.
[19:10] Why Janet gravitated toward playing the guitar.
[20:36] How did the band, String Revolution come to be?
[26:47] How connecting with others, taking a chance, and being prepared can open doors.
[30:57] How Janet’s experiences have helped her learn how to put on a good show and how to best share her talent.
[35:58] What aspect of being a musician is Janet most passionate about?
[40:19] How music connects people.
[42:25] How has the music industry changed because of the Internet?
[49:21] What advice does Janet have for those interested in becoming a musician?
[53:17] Janet shares the varied experiences she has had as a musician, how she got started with an all-girl band, and how the skills she acquired led her to play solo.
[1:01:42] Where to find Janet Robin online.
[1:03:51] Janet performs a guitar piece for the podcast listeners.
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“You have to start. Just jump in. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing—just do it.”

“There are a lot of things important in one’s life, not only a career.”

“Sometimes things just happen, but other times you make things happen.”

“There is that definition of good luck, which means to me that preparation meets opportunity.”

“When you work hard at whatever it is, there is always a payoff.”

“Just take the chance—you never know.”

“You have to ask for things if you want something done.”

“Say ‘Yes’ to everything and figure it out later.”