Jim Babcock - Leaning into Opportunity to Create a Dream Disney Career

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A longtime Disney cast member creates an unexpected dream career with Disney, by never saying “no”




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This week Jim Babcock is on the show. His name may not be familiar to all. But if you’ve worked for The Walt Disney Company over the last 31 years, you probably know who he is, and have seen him in action. He’s truly loved by many.

Jim is well known for hosting events internally to The Walt Disney Company, as well as hosting events externally for them and for other organizations. On average, he hosts and presents 100 events a year. The funny thing, hosting events hasn’t been his full time career at Disney. He does much of this in addition to his job.

Jim has a fascinating story of leaning into opportunities, taking risks, and becoming closely associated with the Disney brand for thousands of cast members. From selling candy on Main Street in Disneyland, to regularly hosting events with Disney’s CEO Bob Iger, to co-hosting a shopping program on TV selling Mickey Mouse watches, Jim has created a career and life he loves, all while working for the mouse.

Jim is also in a new phase of life, placing more focus on his passions and exploring additional adventures. This is a great conversation about staying open to opportunities and pursuing the things that spark your imagination. Plus, if you want a unique look into Disney, this would be it.

This conversation was a real treat for me, as I’ve known Jim for years. In fact, I met Jim on my second day on the job for Disney after moving to Los Angeles. It’s been amazing to see him grow over the years, and now, to share his story here.


Key Takeaways

[2:25] Jim shares his excitement to record his first podcast.
[3:19] Why people inside Disney are familiar with Jim.
[6:09] Jim personifies the Disney brand whether as a Main Street vendor or as an event host.
[9:01] What inspired Jim to leave his hometown in Michigan and move to Los Angeles?
[12:03] Jim’s openness to new opportunities is the key to his exciting career path at Disney.
[14:53] The art of jumping into something new.
[15:35] Jim learns improv, and makes a new connection to his career.
[19:06] Jim shares why it’s okay to stay in a corporate career and still pursue the arts — blending his two worlds.
[20:38] Jim describes balancing his work and his passions, and how that balance will change in the future, and why it can for many.
[24:55] Jim offers advice for those looking to pursue their passions, or start something new, especially when applied to a past of corporate careers.
[27:34] Jim is thankful for his experiences, and shares some fun highlights of his 31 years with Disney.
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“I never backed down and I never said, “no.”

“I made myself open to learn and to be curious about things.”

“Don’t worry about everything.”

“Explore and look at everything… if you see something that sparks your interest or your passion — look into it.”

“It might start out as something small and grow; everything doesn’t have to happen at once.”