Julian Mather - A Life of Discovery Leads to Helping Others

My Big Story

Learning and discovery is a process and a journey, as one man goes from cameraman to magician, to helping others prepare for life changes


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Julian Mather, an Australian native, has a transformative story that underscores his ever-evolving entrepreneurial spirit. For over 25 years he’s told stories as a cameraman for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and prior to that, he was a professional sniper in the Australian Army. Julian has also been a magician; founding Julian’s Magician School and creating an immense online community. When bridged together, this diverse background of experiences has helped Julian master his skills and now enables him to his next adventure.

Julian is exploring ways to help people with change; going through change — something he clearly knows a lot about. He’s practically a king of reinvention, and knows how to make it work. Julian has this fascinating story of adventures, exploration, and he continues to keep discovering. He’s also a terrific guy, and it’s easy to love his “can do” attitude and DIY approach to learning whatever he’s interested in.


Key Takeaways

[1:34] Julian shares where he’s in his career journey right now.
[4:27] Why is Julian drawn to helping middle age people who are struggling?
[6:19] How Julian is creating tools to help people be prepared for whatever comes their way.
[8:57] How can podcasting be helpful to people who are depressed or suicidal?
[9:57] Julian talks about one of his resources called, “Your Family Podcast.”
[10:47] How has Julian’s own personal experience influenced his desire to help others process change?
[14:20] Julian shares the lessons he’s learned as he transformed his career.
[23:02] Julian talks about his magician career, and what inspired him to become someone who could deliver an “anytime anyplace” show for children.
[30:09] Julian explores the thread that connects his various careers.
[31:47] How Julian’s an encourager, and what it means.
[34:05] Why it’s never too late to make a change.
[35:49] What it mean to be an opportunity-taker.
[38:46] Why it’s important to find and listen to a podcast that resonates with you.
[40:20] Julian shares advice for change and what to do when you hit a roadblock.
[44:22] How can starting to change lead to motivation?
[46:26] Where to find Julian online.
[48:03] While Julian spent much of his career in the television industry, he interacted with all kinds of people and ironically, learned that the most successful people don’t watch much television.
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“I get up in the morning … and … there is so much opportunity in the world; … I literally can’t wait to get going.”

“[I’ve tried] to take the journey of change by myself.”

“You’ll never, ever see your blind spots. You need to be with other people who can point those blind spots out for you.”

“Get out and start to share your journey. Be a bit more vulnerable about it.”

“I learned a … secret, and that is that you have to read between the lines; that is where you find the true secrets.”

“You don’t open a restaurant unless you have a starving crowd.”

“My desire and love of learning is greater than my ego.”

“You have permission to make a change.”

“You have to find the person and voice that speaks to you.”

“Change starts with the two ‘D’s.’ Desire and discipline…”

“Successful people don’t watch much television.”

“We have to ritualize change.”