Justin Michael Williams - Following His Life’s Dream and Passion of Being a Musician

My Big Story

Justin Michael Williams is making his dream a reality. He left his marketing job and is launching a musical career. He’s all in and doing it in a big way – and loving it, even through the struggles and unknown.




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Justin Michael Williams is a musical artist and inspirational speaker, with a wonderful story that is literally happening as we record this episode. Justin is transforming his world from a social media marketing entrepreneur to following his life’s dream and passion of being a musician, and motivating and inspiring people with his work and his art. Tune in to hear the life changing question his grandmother asked him and stick around to the end for a special surprise by Justin!


Key Takeaways

[2:23] Justin is a musical artist, about to rock the stage.
[2:56] Bird’s eye view of what’s happening in Justin world right now.
[5:21] Justin always had a strong passion for music, but growing up poor lead him to shift his focus from making music to making money.
[6:47] A moment that life threw Justin a 2×4 took place 3 years ago when his grandmother who was very close to him passed away.
[7:49] The question that changed Justin’s life: “If you were in my shoes and you knew for sure that you were gonna die in a few months, what would you do?”
[8:32] The promise Justin made to his grandmother and the commitment to himself.
[10:32] Changing your whole world doesn’t come easy and you have to make a lot of sacrifices
[13:46] Justin shares a story he has never told to anybody, and the moment when he thought “What the hell did I do to my life?”
[15:52] What kept Justin motivated through his journey?
[17:19] You have to stay with the vision, be very excited and have desire for what you want to create in your life.
[19:58] Who is Justin at this moment? “Take Oprah and Beyoncé and smash them together and there is Me.”
[21:54] What is Justin working on for this summer? Series of inspirational musical storytelling type keynotes.
[24:30] When can we expect the album and music video to come out?
[26:15] Justin talks on how he deals with an interesting process that most artists go through.
[30:44] How does Justin feel about having to wait before putting his album out?
[34:08] Is there anything Justin wishes he knew before he started working on the album?
[37:40] People want authenticity, and being as real as he can has been great.
[38:41] What would Justin say to his younger self?
[41:57] Justin shares his thoughts on Prince and the idea of being fully/authentically yourself.
[43:20] Last piece of advice to anyone who wants to break out and do something new.
[47:55] How to get a free download of Justin’s first single called HERE WITH ME – a song he wrote about his grandmother.
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[51:05] Listen here to Justin’s debut single, HERE WITH ME.


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“If you were in my shoes and you knew for sure that you were gonna die in a few months, what would you do?”
“I couldn’t become this new version of myself surrounded by all the same people going to all the same places.”
“Without desire there’s no motion.”
“Art makes people feel when it comes from a place of emotion. It has to come from feeling.”
“When we’re in our habits and patterns, it’s so hard to break them and create something new.”
“The music industry right now is kind of the Wild West.”