Kalon Rae - Creating a Unique Path into the Music World

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How venturing out of the safe path allowed one man to pursue his dream career in music, and do what he loves.




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UK-based recording artist Kalon Rae started a solo career in 2016 by releasing his EP The Day That I Was Killed. Kalon is extremely talented with a unique contemporary style, fusing anthemic pop with cinematic, indie and urban influences. When I first heard his music, I knew there was something special about him, and I needed to know more.

Kalon has a rich background of musical experiences. He was part of a well-known vocal choir called Urban Voices Collective, leading them as the music director. This group performed at prominent events, including the closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games. Kalon has also worked a lot of top musical artists, expanding his artistic influence in new ways.

Kalon is all about determination, pursuing his dreams toward what he loves, and doing it his way.


Key Takeaways

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[1:51] Christopher introduces his guest, Kalon Rae.
[3:13] How the internet connected Kalon and Christopher.
[4:34] Why did Kalon decide to go solo, and why now?
[7:57] An insight to waiting for other people to recognize your work.
[11:30] How does Kalon strive to stand out, and still be true to himself?
[13:35] How online connections have influenced Kalon’s work.
[15:09] There’s a story behind Kalon’s EP and songs.
[18:03] Why Kalon draws from mythology, history, and stories to create his own music.
[20:00] Kalon discusses his first singing job in London, and how he became part of the Urban Voices Collective.
[22:16] What it means to embrace situations out of one’s comfort zone.
[24:48] Why Kalon creates and collaborates with other musical artists.
[27:00] How Kalon is multiplying his gift.
[28:45] How has music been a part of Kalon’s life, and how it shaped his younger years.
[30:20] At what point did Kalon realize he could make a career out of his love for music?
[31:50] Kalon explains how to understand when family and friends show support for your music career in different extremes.
[32:34] There were surprises along the way of Kalon’s career.
[34:14] How to interpret and digest opinions from the internet.
[36:12] Kalon has a plan to expand his music globally.
[37:22] Kalon talks about the future of his career – what’s next.
[39:28] What holds Kalon back, and what energizes him along his journey?
[40:37] What is one piece of advice Kalon would give to someone just starting their music career?
[42:42] Where to find Kalon online.
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“For people that write their own music and they are singing it; it is so connected to them. It is so personal.”

“I am aware that the universe gives you what’s right at the right time, and I’m aware that this is a journey.”

“We really react the most to instant gratification, and that doesn’t stick.”

“Nothing positive ever comes from [instant gratification.] It only lasts 5 minutes.”

“There is a niche for a lot of things; people might not recognize it because they haven’t had a chance to hear it yet.”

“I think sometimes that is the best way to learn — is being a little bit under pressure.”

“From a safe path you never gain anything.”

“Being out of the box, … is fine … and they are entitled to being what and who they are just by the virtue of being.”


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