Loren Murphy - Meaningful Connections Through Social Media

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Loren Murphy talks to us about why he’s connecting people through social media and how it connects to the way he sees the world




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Loren Murphy is a young guy with a unique view of the world. After completing a business law degree, he realized his natural attraction toward social media. He started his social media marketing company, Organic Insta, and it’s already become a quick success. Loren has a fresh perspective on work and life, and our conversation today is easily, part business, part life-journey, part philosophy, and completely inspiring.


Key Takeaways

[2:19] Loren explains social media marketing, and how he works as a “social hacker,” while managing his clients’ Instagram accounts.
[5:08] How did Loren go from wanting to be a dentist, to studying business law, to ultimately working in social media marketing?
[7:13] Loren doesn’t see everything he does within his business as work.
[10:17] Loren sees social media as something bigger, an opportunity for us to learn to understand each other.
[12:33] Learn about the differences between a teacher and an informer, and why Loren sees himself as an informer.
[15:25] Loren keeps some aspects of his life out of social media.
[17:07] Loren tailors his work to his audience, in order to bring deeper subjects to their attention.
[19:51] Loren’s plans for the future are getting bigger.
[22:38] What’s Loren’s advice for those who want to make a bigger impact, and find their passion?
[25:49] Loren has had mentors on his journey.
[28:29] Loren is inspired by Elon Musk, Matisyahu, Buddha and many others.
[33:44] Life is a journey.
[34:37] Don’t just be a “wage slave,” and have patience while you invest in your success.
[40:25] Connect with Loren on Snapchat and Instagram, or check out his company website.
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“Money shouldn’t define what you do, but it should supplement the life you want.”

“How could I ever grow as an individual, when I wasn’t helping those around me?”

“We just have to learn to understand each other.”

“The truth will always reveal itself.”

“Sometimes a challenge is all we need.”