Mary Davis - Rooftop Parties that Radiate Love and Hope

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A woman and a team of volunteers host a monthly birthday party for children impacted by homelessness




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This week’s episode is all about love, birthdays, and helping children affected by homelessness.

Mary Davis, the founder of Worthy of Love, is on the show today.

Worthy of Love is a nonprofit that celebrates the birthdays of the children impacted by homelessness, and sheltered by Union Rescue Mission in Skid Row, located in downtown Los Angeles. Each month, Mary, her husband Ari, and their team of volunteers, create an amazing roof top party, where every child has a fun and memorable night. Mary’s goal is to create positive memories for these kids, and to remind them that they’re important and matter.

And these parties are not just cake and streamers. They include gifts for every child, a loveable character named Skiddy Cat, a DJ, dancing, face painting, and more. Sometimes, even a Hollywood celebrity like Jaden Smith will stop by and help to spread the joy.

In our conversation, Mary, or better known as Sista Mary to many, and I talk about her organization, how the idea started from a very personal experience, how Worthy of Love helps, a better understanding of homelessness, her time with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and a whole lot more.

As Mary shared with me, if we all do just a little bit, together we can make a much bigger difference. And just think, a simple birthday celebration can mean so much to these kids.

I’m so thankful and honored to help share Mary’s story, and to spread this message of love. Also, Mary and Ari are some of the nicest and most giving people I’ve met.


Key Takeaways

[2:19] How a loss inspired Mary to throw birthday parties for children living in a homeless shelter in Skid Row.
[4:25] Mary describes the first birthday party she organized at the shelter.
[6:00] Incredible volunteers help out each month and make the birthday parties a united labor of love.
[8:36] Every month Mary helps children celebrate their life — sometimes for the very first time.
[10:45] What does Mary hope to accomplish by having birthday parties every month?
[13:06] Fire Station 9, the L.A. Police Department, several celebrities, and leaders at Union Rescue Mission continue to volunteer and participate in the birthday parties because of the love that radiates on the rooftop.
[17:45] Mary was raised to give back, and that idea eventually led her to move to LA, to help in Skid Row.
[23:22] Mary shares the backstory about her street nickname, Sista Mary.
[26:10] Worthy of Love helped Mary to emotionally heal through the joy she experienced with the children at the shelter.
[28:33] Mary and her husband, Ari, are united in their passion to help the homeless.
[30:09] Ari plays a huge role at the birthday parties as Skiddy Cat, and does so much more.
[32:21] How people can get involved in helping with Worthy of Love.
[34:19] Mary shares a story from when she was five years old that led to the name of her nonprofit, “Worthy of Love.”
[36:17] How love, not judgment, can breach misunderstanding.
[38:59] Follow along with Worthy of Love online and learn more about donating or volunteering.
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“Treat everyone you meet as a brother or a sister, and every child like they are your own.”

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