Mel Soriano - Finding New Purpose on the Camino de Santiago

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Mel Soriano walked 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago and shares his experiences and goals for his pilgrimage




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Today’s guest brings a literal example to Living Your Journey. Mel Soriano recently completed his second pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, the walking journey that’s typically taken as a form of spiritual growth or personal discovery. There are various routes to Camino and many people have walked as much as 500 miles to France and Spain, to the destination of the shrine of the Apostle St-James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. This is the same journey taken by Martin Sheen in the movie, The Way.  Mel shares the importance of this powerful journey, gaining new insight into his purpose, sharing the details of life as a temporary nomad, and how this second pilgrimage has changed his life.


Key Takeaways

[2:31] Christopher welcomes Mel to the show & tells us a little bit more about him.
[6:42] How and why Mel found his way back to the church.
[8:12] How becoming involved with the homeless and LGBT populations has allowed Mel to flourish.
[10:23] Mel describes what the Camino is like – in case you haven’t watched The Way by Martin Sheen.
[14:10] What are some reasons why non-faithful folks are doing this pilgrimage?
[17:52] Why Mel chose to do a Pilgrimage, what is great about the Camino and the beauty he found from getting away from his daily grind.
[21:01] What was Mel’s ultimate goal and what was he hoping to achieve? He shares a surprise here as well!
[23:29] Mel shares a wealth of wisdom such as how knowing where you’re not supposed to be often times makes it so much clearer to know where you should be.
[28:34] Mel talks on what he sees on social media and people complaining about stuff.
[31:58] What was it really like being out there on the pilgrimage and what happened along the his journey? Mel had 3 different experiences!
[38:03] Mel shares an inspiring story about Daniel, a student he met along the pilgrimage who has Cerebral Palsy.
[43:03] Why did Mel decide to share his journey on social media?
[48:19] How does Mel apply his experiences from the pilgrimages to his everyday life?
[51:44] Mel’s piece of advice for someone who’s looking to discover themselves, to grow, or feeling stuck, but they can’t take a pilgrimage.
[54:40] Find out more about Mel and the pilgrimage to Camino in the links below.
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“I thought, there’s a lot of people out there in the world who need healing.”

“Sometimes getting away from things is all you need.”

“The most important thing about walking on the Camino is not judging other people’s journeys.”

“You need the void, you need to know where there’s nothing in order to see the parts that stand out.”

“The beauty of getting away from people or your own daily grind is that you free yourself from the false restraints and constraints of your life…”